Dressing after pregnancy: what I learned

During pregnancy, your body goes through a million different changes, so it’s normal for it to take time to stabilize and regain its usual shape. I remember trying to slip into the dresses in my wardrobe after birth before realizing that it was definitely something that was going to take a while and that was okay. Your body has been through such a massive process in the last nine months, let alone birth, so it’s a fact that it’s going to take a while to stabilize. Embrace your form and marvel at the fact that you have done something amazing by growing a little human inside of you.

So, how do you tackle the post-pregnancy dressing? Here are some of my tips:

Wear your maternity clothes

I sincerely believe that after childbirth there is absolutely nothing wrong with diving back into your maternity wardrobe. I still buy maternity clothes even though I’m not pregnant because I find that even though you didn’t gain a lot of weight during pregnancy especially for me my hips dilate so much and my ribs dilate so much that I am but not my normal form. I often turn to my maternity jeans and just wear a longer top for an easy to wear look.

Comfort is the key

You have a newborn baby, you run around, if there is ever a time to be comfortable, this is it. I love bassike tracks, especially their loose pants and t-shirts which I find really comfortable but also of good quality. There are now some great loungewear options out there so you can be at home in casual wear and still feel gathered.

Take your time

Your body is constantly changing the year after pregnancy So there is no need to rush to dress in this corset dress or skinny skinny jeans. I found when I had Sophia I lived in Bonds Maternity Swimsuits. If you are breastfeeding you can just wear them under something and a cute top on top and you are good to go. Slowly over the next few months, just wear your maternity pieces and reintroduce your wardrobe into your style repertoire. It’s a process but you will get it!

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