What dried fruits should I eat while on a diet?

Dried fruits are a great snack option if you are following a healthy diet. They contain all the nutrients of fresh fruit and are easy to transport, do not require cleaning and can be stored for a long time at home without spoiling.

They are very healthy snack as long as they do not contain added sugar.

Some of the dried fruits which fulfill this condition and are suitable for a very healthy diet are plums, apricots, dates and raisins.

Below are their calories and sugars in detail.

What is the right serving of dried fruit?

According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the right serving of dried fruit ranges from 30 to 40 g. depending on the type of fruit. This amount corresponds to fresh fruit and corresponds to 1/4 cup.

What dried fruits should I eat?

The calories and sugars contained in the healthiest of them: Calories best suited to dietetic dried fruits: (per 100 g):

Plums: 240 kcal

Appointment: 277 kcal

Apricots: 241 kcal

Figs: 283 kcal

Blond raisins: 299 kcal

Cassis: 244 kcal

The sugar content of dried fruits:

Raisins: 59%

Dates: 64% -66%

Plums: 38%

Apricots: 53%

Figs: 48%

Plums are the best choice if you want to follow a diet with as few calories as possible.

However, all dried fruits are rich in nutrients and should be present in your diet as long as they are consumed in moderation.

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