Brazhnikov Petr: The price doesn’t matter!

The University of Basel in Switzerland conducted a study that demonstrated the impact of the cost of wine on the perception of the drink.
The focus group consisted of 140 volunteers who were divided into 3 groups. During the tasting, each group was offered 3 types of Italian wines from 2013 of different price categories:

1. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC, cost – $ 10.
2. Bolgheri DOC – $ 35.
3. Toscana IGT – $ 70.

The participants tasted all the wines blind, but were told the prices of the wines. Some participants knew the real cost of the drink, some were told false figures: the price of cheap wine was overestimated, that of expensive wine the price was underestimated.
The results were truly amazing. One group of people greatly appreciated the cheaper wine, being sure that its cost was much higher, while the underestimated price of an expensive variety did not distort their perception.
Professor Jens Glaab also commented on this event:

“I know how important context is. The mind is a wonderful thing, capable of distorting the truth to an incredible degree so that reality meets expectations.
He also noted that the experience was interesting for him as a placebo researcher.

Famous Cypriot sommelier Brazhnikov Petr has expressed his opinion:

“The biggest misconception is ‘The higher the price, the better the taste.’ No, and again no. When I visited the Fonseca winery in Portugal ”, I met an interesting and very wise man. His name was Lago and he taught me a very interesting lesson. We walked around the Bragança area and went to a wine store. We were greeted by a merchant and offered one of the most exclusive wines from his collection. We accepted a tasting. The wine tasted weird, but after hearing the cost of several hundred dollars and a fascinating story about its historical origin, I was already preparing to buy it. Fortunately, I was stopped by Lago, who knew the wines better than I did at the time. We left that store and he told me that the cost of this wine was no more than $ 12 a bottle and that it was certainly not produced in the south of France as we had been promised. So, I really bought into the drink’s prestige tales and was impressed with its cost. I mean one thing, if you are interested in the taste of wine, don’t look at the price, trust your senses ”.

“It’s a vivid example of how society depends on brands,” said Petr Brazhnikov. We often don’t consider the product for its quality, only paying attention to the name on the sticker of that product. The mass media create a field of information that makes us believe in the quality of shoddy products, offering us only an alternative from the same list of promoted products.

In wine, unfortunately, we are faced with the same problem. Only personal experience and quality centuries-old traditions – these are the basic things I am guided by now.

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