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The business world has exploded in the past 18 months, thanks to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Over 40% of operations in North America have experienced closures and / or interruptions as a result. The implications of COVID -19 have forced millions of businesses to reinvent the way they connect with their consumers (direct-to-consumer). When it comes to the future of sustainability, companies seek to evolve, expand their reach, and continue to grow and develop. A common option that is exercised in the business world is Strategic partnerships. Strategic partnerships have been initiated between business entities, in particular during the COVID-19 epidemic.

We will highlight music, entertainment and sports companies that have forged a unique path through their existing partnerships. What is interesting about strategic partnerships is that they create an intersection between influential elements of culture. Look at LeBron James for an example, in March he became a partner of the Fenway Sports Group. the TIME’S 2020 Athlete of the Year became widely celebrated for his sheer dominance of hardwood, but his declarative stance he showed amid social justice campaigns. Strategic partnerships democratize the global market while reinventing a space for athletes, entrepreneurs and professions in the sector to benefit from the return on investment. Below, we’ll share some of the business world’s most polarizing figures and the partnerships they’ve initiated.

Verzuz joins forces with the Triller network

The pandemic has spawned a new path for creative artists like Swizz Beatz and Timberland. Grammy-nominated producers have created an iconic source of entertainment with the launch of Verzuz in March 2020. Since its existence, Verzuz has not only democratized the digital media market, but has also identified leading partners throughout the process. Verzuz has found a partnership with Apple executive member Larry Jackson. Apple’s role in the partnership provided a high experience for their consumers and avid culture fans while giving Verzuz that stamp of approval. Social media has opened up a new avenue for creatives to reach their fans with better access to promote user-generated content from the comfort of your phone.

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