Inner Child Workshop Sunday April 25th at 2pm EST : energy_healing

Have you struggled with numbing your emotions? Do you have difficulty identifying what emotion you are currently feeling and how to fully process it?

This interactive workshop will provide you with tools and techniques to teach you how to connect with your Inner Child to raise your emotional awareness so that you can learn to express both positive and more difficult emotions safely.

Inner Child healing is a revolutionary new approach in psychology. Your Inner Child is representative of your true emotional essence or emotional core. Hence, your Inner Child can be the part of you when you are expressing your emotions to their fullest.

  • By connecting with your Inner Child, you will become more aware of emotions so that when triggers arise, you will feel safe in your body.

  • You will connect with your Inner Child through different techniques such as a guided meditation, creating art, and self-dialogues.

In this workshop…

  1. You will begin to repair the relationship with yourself so that you can take steps towards being more supportive of yourself

  2. You will build an open bridge of communication with your Inner Child so that you can become more aware of each emotion that you are experiencing

  3. You will learn techniques to fully feel into each emotion so that you can safely release them rather than suppressing your emotions

After this workshop…

  • You will be more in touch with yourself so that you can begin to build a loving relationship with yourself.

  • You will be provided with different techniques to connect with your Inner Child so that you can continue building this sacred bond with yourself well after the workshop.

***This workshop requires that you have any writing supplies handy, a notebook, and an open mind. It is encouraged to have art supplies such as wax crayons, pencil crayons, markers, or even paints for the art portion of the workshop. However, this is not necessary and a simple pen or pencil will work.

If you would like to attend this workshop RSVP here!

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