“ How much can Rs 400 afford per dose? ”: Chidambaram asks Covishield price center

Senior Congress leader and former trade union minister P Chidambaram Wednesday, asked the Center on the number of people between 18 and 44 years old who can afford to pay Rs 400 per dose of Covishield.

“As expected, the price of the Covishield vaccine has been set at Rs 400 for public hospitals and Rs 600 for private hospitals. Who will pay Rs 400 for a dose in public hospitals? The state government or the beneficiary?” Chidambaram tweeted.

“How many people between 18 and 44 can afford to pay Rs 400 per dose? Will the beneficiary be responsible for the cost? How many states would be willing to pay the price of the vaccine and subsidize the population?” he said.

Congressman Rahul gandhi also attacked the Center over the issue of the cost of the Covishield vaccine.

“The disaster is in the country … Opportunity for Modi friends … the injustice of the central government! Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

Earlier Wednesday, Serum Institute of India (SII) has set prices for the Covishield vaccine at Rs 400 per dose for state governments and Rs 600 per dose for private hospitals.

“In accordance with Indian government guidelines, we are announcing the prices of the Covishield vaccine – 400 rupees per dose for state governments and 600 rupees per dose for private hospitals,” he said.

SII further said the company will use 50 percent of total production for the Indian government’s immunization program, with the remaining 50 percent of capacity going to state governments and private hospitals.

In addition, due to the complexity and urgency of the situation, it is difficult to provide it independently to each legal person. We urge all businesses and individuals to access vaccines through state-facilitated mechanisms and private health systems. Post 4 -5 months, the vaccines will be made available in retail and free trade, ”the company said.

Anyone over the age of 18 will be eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19 from May 1, the central government said on Monday and also liberalized the vaccination campaign to allow states, private hospitals and institutions manufacturers to obtain the doses directly from the manufacturers.

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