Joel Glazer Issues Public Apology to Manchester United Fans – Sport Grill

Manchester United owner Joel Glazer has issued a public apology to club supporters following a failed breakout attempt to form a European Super League.

Sunday night (April 18), Man Utd with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur all ad considering joining a Super League, only for remove less than 48 hours later due to outrage from supporters and rival clubs.

Reflecting on the rage endured against the outdoor club letter, Glazer acknowledged what he described as a “ great passion ” and a “ deep loyalty ” on the part of the fans and admitted that Utd was simply “ wrong ” while swearing to “ “ correct things ”.

Glazer went on to talk about the reality that repairing the damage caused by the trust between the club and the supporters ‘will take time’ but is personally committed to ‘rebuilding the trust’ with the players at the club as well. than with fans after various team members criticized the plans on social media.

Marcus Rashford tweeted a photo stating that “football is nothing without the fans”, while Luke Shaw tweeted that “fans and players must always have a voice and their opinion must always be counted”.

Glazer, however, still believes that European football needs to ensure that it is ‘more sustainable across the pyramid’ in the long run, while admitting that he and the club have done wrong to force change by not respecting the “ deep ” of sport. – deep-rooted traditions ”.

Glazer therefore admitted he was ‘sorry’ and apologized ‘wholeheartedly’ for causing unnecessary turmoil in football over the past 72 hours, in which Utd legend – Gary Neville described their behavior as “criminal” and typical of “bottle dealers.”

Utd will now take the necessary ‘necessary steps’ to mend their relationships with various stakeholders, to allow all parties to work together to create a solution to the various issues facing the football pyramid.

Focusing on the pandemic, Glazer praised the club and supporters around the world for the way they have handled the “enormous pressures” of this difficult time, while acknowledging that their support is part of why Man Utd is a club. emblematic of football.

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