Pete Rose Calls Yankees Stars Soft

Pete Rose calls the Yankees Stars Soft | Sports Takes & News |

The 2021 season has not started well for the New York Yankees as they have the worst record in the American League. To make matters worse, one of the game’s all-time greats, Pete Rose, has called two of the Yankees stars as be gentle. But while ‘Charlie Hustle’ can score a point, maybe it’s not just the players’ fault as to why they don’t take the pitch when they’re not at their best. Nonetheless, when Pete Rose talks about baseball, everyone in the game should be listening.

The injured list has been more of a home for Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton than for Yankees Stadium since the two sloths joined the squad. In fact, there are unconfirmed reports that when the post office delivers their mail, they add “IL” to their address.

It’s something that caught the eye of all-time baseball leader Pete Rose, who recently called the two Yankees stars when he said, “The only problem with these two guys. They are very good players, but they are still injured. Today’s players won’t play if they have a tired calf.

Rose, nostalgic for the days he was in uniform, misses the former New York Yankees owner and blames his absence for why his team and others have a similar problem.

“(The Yankees) are still spending a lot of money. George was a very vocal owner. There should be more owners like him. If you have more owners like George Steinbrenner, you won’t have players who are going to bet, ”Rose said.

Of course, Pete Rose’s observations are correct since many athletes in baseball and other sports are resting more often than years past when they are not at 100%. The part Rose forgets, however, is that it depends as much on how the franchises are run as it does on how the athletes think it led to this change.

In the NBA, this is called “workload management” which allows star players to skip a game or two on a road trip, allowing their body to recover and maximize performance when playing. In Major League Baseball, the days when Cal Ripken, Jr. played every game of the season are over, with teams being more interested in getting 120 or 130 quality games from players rather than tiring them out in those 30 to 40 other matches and see their production drop. It is also the feeling of those who play professional sports that not only does a player’s performance decrease when fatigue strikes, but the risk of injury also increases.

Many players, like Baseball Hall of Fame member Shaquille O’Neal, have the mindset Pete Rose talks about. It was O’Neal who explained it by saying:

“I was injured on the working time and I will improve with the working time.

For players like Giancarlo Stanton, who has eight years and hundreds of millions of dollars left on his guaranteed contract, rushing off the injured list is pointless. They don’t get any extra money on their paychecks, nor will they be any less booed by fans in their city if they cross out.

For players like Judge, who still haven’t signed that mega contract and who are tagged as someone who can’t stay healthy for a whole season, the Yankees are doing their best to heal him every time they go. he’s pulling a muscle. But the real loser will be Aaron Judge as his value as a player diminishes with every game he misses.

Whether its players are protecting their bodies or their franchises are protecting their investment, athletes today are kept off the fields and athletic courts for one reason – money. Teams want to get the most out of their players because players make sure they make as much money as possible over the course of their careers.

Both sides have a financial interest in making sure everyone who plays does their best. Will this approach seem sweet to a player like Pete Rose, yes, of course. Then again, Rose has never made the kind of money Aaron Judge has had in his career, which is part of the reason why Rose is bitter, as he knows how much money the king of all hits. time would have saved in the century if he played today.


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Pete Rose calls the Yankees Stars Soft |

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