Thailand extends 7,000 baht “Rao Chana” program to 33.5 million Thais

The Ministry of Finance said today that the new proposal will increase the number of people eligible for the “Rao Chana” relief program to 33.5 million while increasing the budget to 3 billion baht.

Under this program, each of the 33.5 million beneficiaries will have 7,000 baht wired into their “Pao Tang” accounts in seven weekly installments of 1,000 baht. The extension of the deadline until the end of June will also help mitigate the impact of the new COVID-19 outbreak.

The Rao Chana program provides 7,000 baht in grants to every person registered as being affected by the COVID-19 situation.

The Ministry of Finance clarified that Rao Chana’s program is not accepting new candidates at the moment and that the additional budget of 3 billion baht approved by the Cabinet is intended to finance the program which has been extended by one month. .

The cabinet approved to extend the deadline for using cash payments from May 31 to June 30 by one month and increase the number of beneficiaries to 2.4 million.

To date, there are 32.8 million participants in Rao Chana, of which 13.7 million are holders of a state social protection card, 16.8 million are new registrants and people whose information is already in the database of the Pao Tang application, and 2.3 million are people who need special assistance or those who register without a smartphone.

The program has led to the circulation of more than 200 billion baht in the economy, encompassing 1.3 million registered outlets.

however, the government has warned people not to abuse financial aid, for example by exchanging the subsidy for money or by unfairly raising the prices of products.

The Ministry of Finance coordinated with the Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Police and relevant agencies to monitor and inspect related activities. If store owners and welfare recipients violated the terms, their privileges will be revoked and they could face legal action. The government asks them to cooperate by following the conditions of the program.

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