Yehoshua ‘Salvation,’ was Lost in Translation! – The Soul Intention

Are you Christian, but are having an issue with the dogma of the Church? Do you question the Churches authority and intention? Do you wonder why money, sexual deviance, and sin is a part of the Church? Well, you should question their intention, because they follow Jesus (Iesous/Iesus) a pagan god, whose name means, ‘the Son of Zeus!’

The Catholic/Christian Church has led over 7.5 billion people into unknown supernatural prison, by a false name (Iesous/Iesus/Jesus: Son of Zeus), false traditions, and false holidays that glorify pagan gods. Yehoshua was a Hebrew.

The Church has become wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Church does not teach God’s 12 Commands, nor do they teach their followers to avoid sin by Heavenly virtue. Only a handful of Christian/Catholic’s that I have met have the 12 Commands by heart and extinguish sin by virtue. (Just being nice, I have not met any).

The Lord’s true brothers and sisters will return to him fully, with the knowledge of His true name, the 12 Commands, and live in virtue. The will cast out devils in Yehoshua’s name.

Unfortunately, followers of the Christian/Catholic Faith, have been lied to since the beginning. It’s not the first time a spiritual following has been led astray. The Jewish Pharisees/Scribes/ led the Jews astray from the true teachings of Genesis (Adam/Lilith) the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 5), and the prophecy of the Messiah in the forbidden book, Isaiah 53, and adding more than 100 Man-made laws to obey, they changed the pronunciation and spelling of our Messiah, to disgrace not only YEHOSHUA but HaShem, ‘The blessed name,’ of God.

The early Jewish Rabbi’s changed the spelling of the Messiah’s name to (Yeshu; ‘curse to Salvation’), to disgrace and tarnish the true name of the Messiah, leading millions of Jews away from the truth. They even led those new scribes translating the Holy Bible to Greek, Latin, and English, to use Iesus, Jesus. During the transliteration of the Holy Bible, it was translated from Hebrew to Greek, they changed Messiah’s name, Yeshua, to Iesus, than it was translated to Latin, ‘Jesus,’ and the English form stayed in Latin. The English translation, which used the Greek/Latin form of the Greek word, Iesus, ‘Son of Zeus.’

Unfortunately, the 5 major religions (Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslim, and Judaism), of the world do not follow God, but follow the ways, laws, and teachings of Men. They disgrace and oppress “women” in their religions and in body of Christ. Who gives birth to those who become Men? WOMAN “Honor both Mother and Father.” (Exodus 20; Deuteronomy 5.)

Christians believe that the Messiah is ‘Jesus,’ yet forget that the Messiah was born a Hebrew, with a Hebrew/Aramaic name. Although Yehoshua spoke Hebrew, Aramaic, Egyptian, and Greek, His name was in Hebrew.

“She (Mary) will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Yehoshua/Yeshua, because he will “save” his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21)

The Hebrew name for Salvation

If you are a true follower of Christ HaMashiach, you will seek the name, ‘Salvation,’ in Hebrew; Yehoshua and follow His way, His truth, and His Light.

“And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 3:2)

Do not be left behind when Yehoshua comes to gather His true ‘Body in Christ,’ (those who truly know and follow Him.). Do not be left behind because of Religion, for there is no division in Heaven; only forgiveness, acceptance, and Love.

Shalom, Shlama Alakoom, Peace be with You!

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