Breastfeeding Essentials for New Moms

When it comes to breastfeeding, all you really need is a breast and a baby. But there are some breastfeeding essentials that you should be looking for. If you are still pregnant, you may want to consider getting them before your due date, but it is also good to wait until your baby is born. It’s always good to know what breastfeeding products are available, so when you start your journey you can decide if they are something that you think will make breastfeeding your baby easier!

The problem with breastfeeding is that you don’t know if you will have one. a successful breastfeeding journey or not. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, like not getting enough milk, the nipples get sore and sore, get mastitis, the baby has a tongue tie, the baby can’t latch on or you might just don’t take advantage of it.

So it might be a good idea to wait until your baby is born to invest in breastfeeding accessories. These are the articles that helped me, but every mom and every baby is different!

My breastfeeding essentials

Haakaa breast pump

I like Haakaa breast pump, it’s so cheap and easy to use. You just put it on your chest and it gives a little suction and the milk comes out. You can also use it by feeding from the opposite breast.

I don’t speak, but I wanted to have a supply of breast milk in the freezer in case something happened and I wasn’t able to feed Leo. You never know if you are going to get sick or in an accident or something like that! So I used these to get some of my milk for the freezer. In case.

I also used it to express some of my milk to make teething popsicles, more on that below.

What attracted me to this pump is that it is simply simple, inexpensive, and easy to use. Breast pumps can be so expensive and I didn’t want to buy one if I wasn’t going to use it anyway!

Haakaa breast pump cover

You can buy lids or caps for your Haakaa, which is great for keeping your milk safe before you put it in a bottle, fridge or freezer!

They always say “don’t cry over split milk.” This sentence does NOT apply to breast milk! Get a plug for it!

Colostrum syringe

I talked a bit about colostrum collection in my article on breastfeeding. This is something you do in your last few weeks of pregnancy. Colostrum is the first liquid produced by your breasts to feed your baby. It’s a thick, fatty liquid that is full of goodness for your babies for the first few days while their stomachs are still tiny!

Expressing colostrum and how much you can get is not an indication of how much milk your baby is when you are born. So don’t worry if you can’t get much. It is just convenient to have and freeze in case something happens like your baby is taken to the NICU or unable to latch on, then your baby can be given the colostrum you have already collected. Plus, you already know how to collect colostrum if you need to put more in a syringe. It avoids the stress and pressure of having to work in the hospital

It is good for 6 months in the freezer and therefore can also be given to your baby when he has a cold or is sick as it is full of immune benefits. I gave mine to Leo after his injections.

You collect colostrum in syringes. You can usually get packs from your midwife for free, but if not, get it here.

Haakaa Breast Shells

These can be used inside your bra to catch leaks. Especially good for the first few weeks when your breasts are still moving! It prevents the milk from being wasted, you can just collect it and then freeze it.

It is not a replacement for a breast pump, but can help you grab some more while you go about your daily chores, saving you a bit of time if you are expressing because you won’t have need to express so much!

However, they have mixed reviews, it seems that with most pumps and expression accessories people get different results. Have a read of Amazon reviews and see if you think it’s for you.

Breast pads

When your milk comes in, don’t underestimate how much your breasts will be sinking! I was not ready for this. The first few weeks are intense and you will probably need enough breast pads to change them several times a day. It’s crazy how your other breast looks like a cock while feeding your baby on the opposite side (again, get yourself a Haakaa or breast shell to get that back!)! Reusables are the best bet here!

Find out more about these breast pads on Amazon now..

Nipple cream

I saw the HPA Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream recommended so many times. This is THE nipple cream to get. It lasts so long too! I’m still on my first hit.

It doesn’t taste, smell or color, so you don’t need to remove this nipple balm before breastfeeding your baby. It helps soothe and protect your nipples. I used to use it before going to bed just to give myself a little more time with it for the first few weeks (it seemed to fuel a LOT during the day). I only use it now when it hurts a bit, which is not that common these days!

I would recommend that this is a product that you invest in before your baby is born and put it in your hospital bag. I didn’t need to use it in the hospital but I know women who needed it sooner!

breastfeeding essentials

Nursing blanket

This is a new purchase for me! Now that we get to lockdown, we’ll be outside a bit more. This nursing cover has a strap that goes around your neck and covers you and your baby while breastfeeding.

Although I have no problem with people breastfeeding in public and have done this a few times, I much prefer to be covered as Leo is at the stage where he wiggles and moves so much and could easily pull himself away from my breast leaving my nipple. exposed. This is something I don’t want people to see! Especially if we’re with people we know – I don’t care if they were strangers haha!

This is the nursing blanket I have. It also comes in a small bag!

Nursing pillow

This is another product that I would recommend investing in BEFORE your baby is born. nursing pillow. This is one of the best items on my breastfeeding essentials list!

It’s good to use it on the couch during pregnancy anyway – but my nursing pillow is something I use whenever I feed Leo during the day. It is shaped in such a way that it is supported while it feeds and can then take a nap for me.

I also use it to support my back when I’m not feeding and recently we used it on the floor to support Leo while we practice sitting with him.

Nursing bra

This is another product that I would advise you to invest in before your baby is born. I bought two nursing bras before Leo was born. It was fine the first few days but when my milk came I needed more as they were always covered with milk or sick baby.

It turns out that the style I bought I actually hated.

Most nursing bras have plastic clips. I found it so frustrating that you need two hands to tie them up. Well, or the first few weeks you never have two hands, I might just unclip the bra with one hand, but I could never put it back on, so I ended up with both sides unclipped , feeling helpless and fleeing everywhere.

I fell on these nursing bras on Amazon. These are just cotton crossed bras. You remove your breasts and put them back on after feedings. It’s so easy. I have 5 now and always make sure I have my own loans!

They come with padding inserts, but I just remove them because I HATE the padding inserts.


The snacks really helped me get through the first few nights of cluster feeding. The granola bars, toast, fruit, tea and strawberry lace were my favorites!

Make sure you have them around you AT ALL TIMES for the first few days. You will be sore, tired, and need extra energy. Food must therefore be at hand. Don’t worry though, it’s not been like that for a long time and now I don’t have to have snacks around me like I used to! Don’t forget to have a bottle of water near you too!

Milk storage bags

If you express but don’t use milk right away, milk storage bags are a great idea!

I used my Haakaa to pump the milk and then stored it in the fridge inside the bag which was placed in a bottle so it wouldn’t get spilled. Once the back was full, I froze it.

Please note that when you mix milk, it should be at the same temperature. So you cannot add fresh milk directly to already chilled or frozen milk, I would put the Haakaa pump in the fridge and put the milk back into the reserve when it has cooled.

I love them milk storage bags because you can easily write the date on it with a pen!

Ice lolly molds

These are for when your baby is a few months old and teething. You can make popsicles with breast milk to help soothe their gums. I would say you need about 30ml of milk per pan.

What I like about these is that you can unclip them. When I first got it, I only pumped enough milk for two lollipops, so only put two in the freezer.

You can also use them to make other fruit pacifiers for your baby!

These are popsicle molds that I have!

Long charging cable

I love this pack of two charging cables. One for the living room, one for the bedroom. This means that I can always change my phone when I am sitting down to eat. It’s not much of a problem now but the first few weeks are INTENSE and you spend a lot of time with a baby feeding or sleeping on you!

Get your own long chargers here.

Breastfeeding necklace

This is another thing that is good when the baby is a little older. They start to grab, slap, and scratch you while feeding you. Wearing this nursing collar is a great way to deter them from hurting you.

You can get a lot of different colors, so look for the one you like! I like this one!

Nursing gel pads

These nursing gel pads helps relieve engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis and encourages milk loss. You can use them both hot and cold to encourage descent when pumping and soothe sore breasts.

The NHS has a large breastfeeding section if you want more information!

What are your essentials for breastfeeding?

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