Coimbatore-based employee monitoring app enters international market

HRAPP, the first Coimbatore-based start-up, entered the international market as fierce competition for its Western counterparts. With their integrated employee productivity monitoring software, the company aims to facilitate the entire remote working process.

HRAPP is a Coimbatore-based start-up that offers human resource management solutions to monitor employee activities and time tracking. The company has now grown to become the best player in employee productivity monitoring software in the global market. The company regaled its new status and worked hard to provide best-in-class solutions for remote working. To find out more about the company and speak to their expert, click on:

The software supports the hiring, engagement and retention of employees while managing their payroll, employee expenses and activity tracking. Activity Tracking is a great tool that smoothly manages remote employees. The advanced technology implemented in the tool will help companies track employee activities, time spent in productive and non-productive hours. The tool takes screenshots every 10 minutes and stores them for future reference. Says a spokesperson for the company.

Meanwhile, a business executive who has worked with them since their inception said: “Being able to facilitate the process of hiring and managing employees remotely has helped many organizations get through this COVID time. The pandemic has forced the world to return home and working from home has become the new normal. Our employee monitoring and time tracking solutions have allowed businesses to keep tabs on all remote employees and their activities. The ease with which organizations can track and monitor has given our solution an edge over other competitors. “

In addition, the General Manager praised the team for their innovative and creative solutions which have enabled the company to develop a unique product that is poised to face global competition in the employee monitoring space. “I am happy to lead the talented HRAPP team who are now ready to join the race internationally“He believes the pandemic-induced lockdown has accelerated the outlook for the company and gave them the opportunity to introduce the world to some of the unique employee monitoring solutions.

Another employee added that “We are proud to be associated with HRAPP. The solution is simple and straightforward, but up to global standards. Data is serious business, and we help employers collect and maintain important employee and payroll data and make it available. at your fingertips in a well-designed format. It is a lightweight and convenient application that silently monitors remote employees. “A company spokesperson quoted that”Our team has always been cooperative, attentive with an attitude of never saying no to our client. We are ready to offer customized solutions according to customer’s needs. I highly recommend our unique, simple, cloud-based HR solutions for effective employee tracking. Such remote employee monitoring software is a blessing in today’s world, and our solution is just right. HRAPP has redefined how businesses operate and empowered employees to be more productive and mindful of their work, which has improved their performance in phenomenal ways.. “

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HRAPP is a Coimbatore-based start-up that develops many unique solutions for the management of human resources, payroll, administrative activities and tasks. The 360 ​​Degree HR Management Platform aims to deliver services that will help create an efficient, happier and more productive workforce. Overall, their solution supports all activities from hire to retire including onboarding, leaving, payroll, expense tracking, employee tracking, vacation management, time off and time tracking. The focus is on all core HR tasks and processes. The platform and the team are a great combination that takes the customer experience to the next level.

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