How to remove white background from image with Vance AI

There are always cases where we feel the need to remove the white background from images, whether you are an online store owner, graphic designer, blogger, or just don’t like the background of the photo you came from. to take. If you are looking for a white background remover that can effectively and accurately remove the white background from the image, to better showcase your product in the images, make your design and photo editing process easier, or make a sequel images your style, so don’t. Don’t miss this article because that is exactly what we are going to talk about. We will examine Vance AI background remover and provide complete guide on how to remove white background from image. With that free background remover at your fingertips, dull backgrounds will never be a problem for you.

How to remove the white background

You can follow the simple instructions below to effectively remove white background online with Vance AI.

1. Access to Vance AI Background Remover

To get started, you can browse the Vance AI Background Remover website with the link provided above and then click on the Download button on the right side;

2. Upload an image

Simply drag and drop your image into the pop-out window to download it, or just tap the plus sign to download button and choose the target image on your PC; then choose Continue;

3. Background removed

Click Start to process; wait a few seconds for the AI ​​to process, then click the download button to save your image with the background removed.

By comparing the two images, we can see that Vance AI Background Remover has managed to remove the fairly clean original background while the line and edge of the out of focus object remains very sharp. Of course, you can also replace the old background with a new one to better suit your design purpose.

Another case to show how much this Background remover may be. This tool accurately recognized even the hair of the person and separated the background with the portrait. It can be used in your daily work to remove white background and simplify your photo editing procedure while saving a lot of time.

Features of Vance AI Background Remover

Vance AI is an innovative software company that with its advanced artificial intelligence technologies provides professional online solutions to meet many kinds of image editing needs, for example Vance AI Image Enlarger. Powered by ConvNet and deep learning technologies, this tool is capable of scaling images up to maximum 800% in seconds, while waiting to optimize photo quality and reduce artifacts.

1. Remove the background precisely

Formed by millions of images and with a pioneering AI algorithm, Vance AI Background Remover is able to tackle complex conditions such as loaded background, human hair or animal fur, more a targeted objective, etc. Say goodbye to today’s manual editing.

2. Automatic processing to save your hours

Vance AI Background Remover allows you to remove white background online 100% automatically. Just drag and drop over 2-3 clicks and your new image is good to use in designs, blogs, and online product demos. With the day saved, you are free to turn to more creative and engaging artwork.

3. Remove the background at any time

Vance AI Background Remover is a cloud-based tool, which means you don’t have to download any software to edit images, so don’t worry about software crashes. As long as your device, whether smartphone or PC, is connected to the internet, Vance AI Background Remover can be used anywhere and anytime.


Automatic background removal from images is essential for creating stunning designs, engaging image effects, and efficient workflow. Vance AI Background Remover is not just a handy tool that helps remove image background for free. It also delivers excellent results and is a great assistant in image editing work, even when the job sometimes gets quite tricky.

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