Picks order finalised for PSL 6’s replacement draft

KARACHI: A replacement draft for Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season 6 is set to take place tomorrow as the league resumes imminent.

Due to the unavailability of several foreign players, franchises will have a replacement list of over 130 foreigners. According to ESPNcricinfo, Australia (10), New Zealand (12), South Africa (18), Bangladesh (7), West Indies (25), Sri Lanka (24), Zimbabwe (6 ), Afghanistan (16), Ireland (5), UAE (5), Scotland (4), Nepal (1) and Oman (1) are listed for the replacement draft.

PSL 6 is scheduled to resume from June 1 and the final is scheduled for June 20. The entire event will take place in Karachi where a local hotel will be reserved for players, support staff and officials to live in a bio-secure bubble. , set up by a UK based company.

Order of selections

Platinum: LQ, QG, KK, UI, MS

Diamond: KK, IU, PZ, LQ, KK

Gold: LQ, PZ, MS

Silver: PZ, MS, KK, LQ

Additional: PZ, MS, QG, UI, LQ

LILY: Guptill, Russell available in PSL 6 replacement draft due April 27



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