A week of outfits 4.27.21

Welcome to my very first edition of A week of outfits. This is something that I thought about doing for a while (I recently saw Carly does this on her blog, I like the way she wears many items). When I decided to re-evaluate and ultimately change quite drastically the way I approached fashion content two years ago, I struggled to find my way back. How could I reconcile my desire to share fashion content and outfit ideas with my passion for sustainability. I was also faced with what I felt was a constant surge in consumerism in the blogging industry (fashion in particular) as well as on social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube. It made me want to share nothing at all.

I am now in a place where it feels good to share fashion content again. My goal is not to get you to buy more but hopefully to find inspiration and ideas for your own wardrobe. Sometimes I add something to my wardrobe or my partner with a fashion brand, but my goal is to add to my closet with intention. I want to create a wardrobe based on pieces that I love, not because they are new, on sale, a certain ‘it’ brand or a specific trend, but because they fit me well, are made. with quality and conscious materials, and I feel good wearing them.

So here’s what I wore last week. I have found that dressing everyday not only makes me feel good, but also makes me more productive. It’s a great way to start my day. I might miss a day or two but my goal is to get a photo of my outfit every day during the week and I’ll share it here on the blog on Tuesday. I will always share where I got each item, if it is used or old, I will do my best to find something similar.

A week of outfits 4.27.21


I don’t remember much Tuesday but it was obviously cold lol.

Patagonia Raven Rocks Jacket (Also discover WornWear for used Patagonia!), White & Warren Cashmere Hoodie (Jess20 for 20% off), old H&M Stripe shirt (similar), Prana Pillar Leggings, Botkier Chelsea Boots (mine are a few years old but the style is the same)


I take Marin to swimming class in the morning on Wednesdays, then play tennis in the afternoon when she is napping, so I usually wear something more relaxed and easy. Dressing in a small locker room while trying to dress a toddler in a wet swimsuit is interesting.

AYR The Deep End Button (large size, oversized fit), Summersalt Leggings 7/8 (fit tts), Converse All Star 70s Low Top


Mostly a day of computer work, calls and planning / scheduling etc. I really love this button because it is very comfortable but looks neat.

AYR The Deep End Button, Everlane Straight Leg Crop, Converse All Star 70s Low Top


I usually try to finish my work a bit early on Fridays to spend time with Marin before his afternoon nap. We went to get a bunch of vegetables and flowers to plant for the summer.

White & Warren Recycled Cotton Cardigan (JESS20 for 20% reduction), Doen Jane blouse (this impression is old), Etica denim jeans, Sam Edelman loafers


We spent most of the day outside. In the morning, walk to the beach and the rest of the day in the garden, gardening, weeding, etc. I was afraid I would ruin these leggings, but all the dirt came out in the wash with no problem.

Summersalt Leggings 7/8, ABLE Mae T-shirt (use MAMA25 for 25% off), Mate the Label Thermal Henley, Reebok Floatride Trainers


Remind me never to wear jeans on the days I bring Marin to swimming class. Great in theory, terrible in practice (putting on stiff jeans on slightly damp skin in a cramped little locker room, not ideal). But I love these jeans, they were such a great find from thredUP. Monday was mostly a catch-up / work day, I did a lot on the blog. I have a big partnership that I am announcing soon, so a lot of planning going on and getting organized for it.

Vince Jeans on thredUP (it looks like the style in a different wash), Madewell Sweater via thredUP, Stuart Weitzman Sandals via thredUP

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