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* This item is part of a paid partnership with Hotter Shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about the change of season than this spring. Let’s face it, it was a very long and boring winter! Every year I am very excited to change my wardrobe and go out more and this year more than ever I look forward to seeing my favorite people outside, dressing up and enjoying the outdoors. maximum life. My outfits for little outdoor trips usually feature my favorite dresses and comfortable shoes, so I can take my steps, and still feel and look my best. Today I am sharing a brand new pair of comfortable sandals which were recently sent to me by Warmer shoes They are the perfect addition to my wardrobe and they will definitely see me through many adventures and keep my feet comfortable on many beautiful outings.

This time I chose the magnificent Tourist II sandals. I choose them in a beautiful gold color, which is super versatile and goes with almost anything. I’m a big fan of metallic toned shoes because they are quite neutral and go with almost anything, while still looking really pretty. It is also very easy to pair them with jewelry and accessories in similar tones. Besides looking very pretty, these sandals keep my feet happy too. They are made from the softest leather making them instantly comfortable to wear without being worn. They have a memory foam orthotic insole which really helps support my feet all day long making them absolutely perfect shoe for me.

I wore them this week for a little walk in some local woods. The blue bells are just starting to open and the first signs that the forest is about to turn blue were everywhere. Going out into nature always relaxes me and gives me a welcome break from working at home and looking after the children all day. For me, getting out and getting some exercise is such an essential part of my routine and absolutely essential in taking care of myself. I always feel so much better when a walk is part of my daily routine.

I have a long list of great places near my home that I love to go and explore. I live in a busy suburb of London, but I am fortunate to have a lot of green space nearby where I can breathe the fresh air, hear birdsong and spend some quiet time away from others. Sometimes I like going out with my family or asking a friend to join me on my walk, but sometimes time alone is just what I need.

For this little walk in the woods with my husband, I wore one of my favorite dresses. This comfy dress was actually a street buy, reminded me of Indian cotton dresses from the 70s and was such a great addition to my wardrobe. It’s so easy to wear and I think it looks so good with my new sandals. It was such a quick outfit, which suits my busy life and works almost anywhere.

The sandals really passed the test of their first ride and were comfortable from the moment I first put them on. The adjustable straps and the little elastic hidden on the buckle provide a perfect fit and the orthopedic sole made my feet feel really supported when we walked.

I chose my usual size 6, as I always do with Hotter shoes and they were perfect. I therefore recommend that you opt for your usual size. I chose the standard width, which suited my feet perfectly. They are also available in a wide fit and a narrow fit. The Hotter website has a handy tool where you can submit your foot measurements and help you find the right fit for your feet, which is really helpful.

I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy lots of sun, fresh air, great company and beautiful views as the weather continues to get better and better every day. I will definitely be wearing my sandals a lot this year, in fact I don’t really want to take them off!

What are you most looking forward to doing this year? Are you going somewhere or have something special planned?

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* This post was part of a paid partnership with Hotter Shoes, all opinions are mine.

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