Yankees make big time lineup change for Tuesday’s game

The New York Yankees and Aaron Boone mix things up a bit, as Kyle Higashioka takes over Gary Sanchez at receiver on Tuesday.

You felt it was only a matter of time before New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone had to make the difficult but necessary decision for the receiver. While Gary Sanchez can sometimes send the ball to the moon, he’s just too inconsistent with the dish and sometimes his defensive play is frustrating to watch.

This is not usually the case with Kyle Higashioka. Boone understands this, which is why on Tuesday, it is Higashioka who will take the position of receiver and Sanchez will be in the canoe to watch.

Yankees wide receiver Kyle Higashioka to start Tuesday against Gary Sanchez

Sanchez just hasn’t been able to go home in 2021. While he opened the year with a home run in Game 1, he’s been down .182 this season. Time and time again, he failed to register a big hit for the Yankees in a clutch situation. All you have to do is search her name on Twitter to see how angry New York fans have been with her play.

Higashioka fared much better than Sanchez at home plate, reaching .286 with three homers and five RBIs. Boone has seen what Higashioka can do both offensively and defensively, which is why he is ready to give him more playing time. While Boone said it will be a daily thing, Higashioka could block the starting post. if he continues to play well.

It would obviously be disappointing for Sanchez, but he just needs to be able to play better in the future. Otherwise, Yankees fans are sure to see him there, especially with Higashioka playing well.

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