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Wide leg, slim pants have been a staple in Asia for years. This spring / summer also sees them becoming a European staple. So much so that now is the time to have a few pairs in your wardrobe. You won’t regret it because they are super easy to style (more about that below), comfortable and chic all in one.

A major trick with wide leg pants is that less is more!

Before taking pictures, I played with the belts and other accessories. Finally, realize that wide pants really look better when the outfit is simple.

Today’s post on the outfit is taken from the new spring collection currently available at LaTienda – it’s definitely worth checking it out fabulous online store here for even more inspiration!

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1 pair of wide pants: 3 ways to style them

  1. Matchy, matchy

It’s easy to avoid wearing the matching top and bottom when it comes to busy prints like this. Yet, in fact 9 out of 10 times they look cute together and the one combination you really can’t go wrong with.

1 pair of wide leg pants: 3 ways to style them

In fact, worn correctly, this jumpsuit looks like a jumpsuit.

Make sure to tuck in just so the top looks floaty while adding a bit of shape.

2. With a simple shirt
1 pair of wide leg pants Leg pants: 3 ways to style them

A simple tie-front shirt breaks up the patterned look adding a bit of chic.

Tying the shirt at the front means you don’t have to worry about it, which makes the pants look bulkier.

1 pair of wide leg pants: 3 ways to style them

This is one of my favorite street wear buys on a beautiful hot day.

Also perfect for sightseeing in Asia (wishful thinking here – smile).

3. Worn with a shirt dress

1 pair of wide leg pants: 3 ways to style them

This combination doesn’t just work like magic. You need to carefully cinch the dress at the waist, opening all other buttons. Then, under the waistband, pull the sides apart slightly to make sure the pants are also visible.

1 pair of wide leg pants: 3 ways to style them

Done right, this is the one combination that really turns heads. It is both elegant and chic. The reactions to this look will be a great confidence booster, I promise.

1 pair of wide leg pants: 3 ways to style them

You can also wear a simple short t-shirt and the dress fully open as a coat.

Wishing you lots of fun with your wide leg pants this spring / summer!

Outfit Details:

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Dress – available here

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Sun glasses – available here

Sandals – similar here

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