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Jose Mourinho was sacked by Tottenham Hotspur after just 17 months at the helm of the North London club following poor form in the league, having replaced Mauricio Pochettino in 2019, the seemingly revitalized Portuguese tactician has taken over the north London side. with neutrals no longer seems to believe in its tactical nuance.

With Jose’s recent sacking at Tottenham Hotspur, neutrals who don’t seem to believe in his tactical nuance can confidently say they are right after his dismissal at Spurs in less than two years, almost in the same way as one showed him the way out at United.

Jose Mourinho is undoubtedly one of the best coaches to ever graced the dugout, but in all fairness his tactical undertone and knack for winning the trophy really stung a lot from when he broke into the spotlight. crawls and it’s pretty evident everywhere he goes with his recent management job.

Jose Mourinho and his next potential clubs

Juventus – (Seria A)

It is no longer news that Jose Mourinho was sacked by Tottenham Hotspur following poor league form and possibly the unpleasant way they left the Europa League against Dinamo Zagreb.

Jose’s irritable way in which he quit his job at Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur recently only shows a man who seems to have lost the magic touch and completely out of ideas in the dugout.

However, things can be tough for the Portuguese blunderer now, but the truth is, Jose Mourinho is undoubtedly the same title-winning manager who would love to have him in their dugout.

His success and track record with former Seria A side Inter Milan simply put him in pole position to take over as Old Lady, should Juventus president Andrea Agneli sack current manager Andrea Pirlo.

If Andrea Agneli decides to part ways with Pirlo’s inexperience at the end of the campaign and head to Mourinho in his quest to once again launch an assault on the 2021-2022 Champions League season, then the Portuguese has enough experience to lead the Old Lady to winning ways again.

Celtic – (Scottish Premier League)

Jose Mourinho and his next potential clubs

Having dominated the Scottish Premier League for a long time, Steven Gerrard’s appointment to Glasgow Rangers and the jobs he has put into his Rangers squad means it is inevitable for them not to win the league this season.

With the formidable squad that Steven Gerrard is building for the Gers, their great rival Celtic would return to where they went wrong this season and prepare for a new campaign with a new manager who would deliver the title for the ” The Bhoys “again.

In terms of winning the Champions League, the Scottish giant may not have the talent or the financial might to attract superstars like teams like Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Barcelona or Manchester United. However, they are without a doubt one of the most revered clubs in Europe with an exceptional culture.

So if Celtic’s board decides to nominate Jose Mourinho, especially with the recent rumors linking the Portuguese to the position of Scottish giants, they certainly guarantee an influx of titles. However, the main question now is whether they can afford the salary of the former Chelsea manager?
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Benfica – (Liga Portugal)

Jose Mourinho and his next potential clubs

Jose Mourinho and the Portuguese league are certainly not new to each other, the self-acclaimed “Special One” made a name for himself at one of Portugal’s most respected clubs when he won the Champions League, the league title and the league cup with Porto.

Benfica, as one of the biggest clubs in Portugal, would undoubtedly want to dominate on the home front and also in Europe. In that regard, appointing a manager like Jose Mourinho who knows the league like the back of his hand would certainly prove invaluable for the Reds, but the dream may not come true as Benfica still have a very experienced manager Jorge Jesus in the game. their canoe.

Mourinho’s allegiance to Porto might not let him join BenficaHowever, with football managers, history has shown that they don’t really care about that when it comes to changing clubs, whether it’s a rival team or not. In that sense, if he were to be contacted and ultimately get the job, the Reds should be fully prepared to deal with Jose’s excesses.

Truly, the former Real Madrid tactician comes with a lot of baggage, but if he joined Benfica the Reds would certainly be guaranteed a title based on his experience and track record of managing top teams in the past.


The possibility of Jose Mourinho joining one of the three clubs is not made and dusted, but the article is mainly based on the rumors that he could join one of the three clubs next season. However, should he join one of them, the Portuguese has the experience and charisma to manage either of the three teams and also wins them titles.

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