Tips for improving the air quality in your home

I never paid much attention to air quality before moving to Los Angeles. It’s pretty well known, but the air quality here isn’t the best. This is something that can affect your long term health without you even realizing it on a daily basis.

It’s a little scary to think about how much we ingest into the air on a daily basis, and especially since we’ve been so back home so recently, I’ve really started looking for ways to keep the air quality at bay. his best. We already have a ton of plants all over the house, but I wanted to look at some additional options. Air purifiers are a great option, but many models can take up a lot of space and not be ideal for every room in the house.

I was delighted to discover the Clarifion Plug-In Air Ionizer – it’s compact, lightweight, and a sleek style that isn’t an eyesore. This product doesn’t have a filter which is so great if you forget and don’t want something that you have to constantly change – it’s self-cleaning! It is also extremely quiet unlike many larger purifiers, it makes virtually no noise. One of my favorite parts is how easy it is to install! You just need to plug it into any outlet and it starts to do its job.

clarifion review

So here’s how it works – it releases negative ions which attract and remove air pollutants, bacteria, allergens, dust, animal hair, and viruses that are in the air. Our house quickly gets dusty and as many of you know pet hair is a never-ending problem (especially when we have a foster dog)!

how to improve air quality

We installed this in our bathroom – it’s a small room and certainly doesn’t have good airflow. For larger rooms I would recommend having more than one.

I think this is a great product to try on your air quality trip. It’s small, not a huge investment, and you should be able to notice a difference, especially if you have allergies!

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