What is your rose, thorn and bud?

Last year, as we had so many family dinners, we started the age-old tradition of the rose, thorn, bud. Do you want to play it? Here is how it works …

Basically everyone walks around and shares a rose (a positive thing that happened that day), a thorn (a negative thing that happened that day), and a bud (something that happened that day). ‘they look forward to).

The conversation starter works a lot better than asking vaguely “how was your day?” Once I read that asking your young child about their busy day at school is like asking an adult, “How have the last 20 years of your life been?”

I love to hear about the ups and downs of boys, like having a new crush or dreading a science project (although Anton often says his rose is “screen time,” whines). Also, it’s nice to share mine, even though I’m still such a mom ™: “My rose hangs out with you guys !!!!!!”

Therefore! On this spring afternoon, I would like to ask you: what is the rose, thorn and bud in your life right now? In general, what are you happy, worried and looking forward to? I would love to hear. xo

PS Six Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk at Dinner, and happiness vs integrity.

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