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The past year has forced us to reconsider our health goals, rearrange our priorities, and revamp our entire lifestyle. “Strengthen yourself or perish” was the most frightening unspoken fact that looms like a gray cloud lingering above us. The rude wake-up call served as a warning about the inconvenience of taking comfortable life we have for granted. Over the past month, I have shared many foods that help you make yourself stronger from the inside out while also benefiting in many ways from external factors like your skin and hair.

“Ek, ek se bhale do, do, do se bhale teen” goes the famous song of Amar Akbar Anthony. This bizarre way of reiterating the power of unity also applies to food. Today we are going to talk about healthy foods on their own, but healthier when paired with others. A mi’x ‘of kindness, if you will!

Mi’x ‘flour

Although “ multigrain ” flour mixes are packaged and touted as a new step in the health revolution, they have been part of our culinary culture for a long time. Maharashtrian cuisine makes extensive use of bhaajni (roasted and ground rice, lentils, legumes, etc.) in traditional recipes such as thalipeeth and chakli. Their combinations may vary depending on taste and recipe. Flour mixes can be made gluten-free and are also a great source of nutrition for vegans.

Flour mixes are versatile and can be substituted or added to regular wheat flour for additional health benefits. Toddler moms can breathe easily because even chapatti is packed with so many essential nutrients. Flour mixes can be used in cookies, cakes, breads or teatime snacks like mathris and shakkarpara.

Mi’x ‘seeds

Seed mixes bring together the health benefits of a variety of seeds in one tablespoon. They can be eaten raw or roasted and whole or ground into a powder. Many of us don’t have a chakki nearby and are forced to use store-bought atta. Unfortunately, it loses most of its fiber content and nutritional value. Also, even though aata on the ground chakki it is better, it is not enough to meet our regular dietary needs. Adding seeds like flax, star fruit, cumin or sesame improves its taste and makes it a healthier option.

Sautéing a teaspoon of roasted whole seed mixture instead of chocolates or candies will be a great service to your body. Garnish your cookies with them, add them to your smoothie bowls, or snack on them before or during workouts.

Mi’x’ed herbs and spices

Herbs and spices are an integral part of our food heritage and in this series we have discussed several of their health benefits. Each cuisine, Indian or international, uses distinctive herbs and spices that give their foods and recipes a distinct taste and flavor. Dried Mixture of Italian herbs like basil, thyme, rosemary, etc. are the perfect garnish for pizzas and pasta. Mexican seasonings like cayenne pepper and cilantro give their recipes a wonderfully exotic touch. Closer to home, every Indian region has an intoxicating variety of masalas and powders like Garam masala, Podi powder, Bhaja moshla, etc.

Make your regular tea into an immunity boosting concoction by adding a basic spice blend of black pepper + cloves + cinnamon + cardamom seeds with milk, ginger and tulsi. This spice blend can also be added to your coffee, black tea and kadhas.

Christmas plum cake is a delicacy that involves a unique blend of tradition and food. Xigua is a type of African watermelon. Xacuti is an indigenous Goan chicken curry made with peppers, potatoes and poppy seeds. Xavier Soup is a gourmet Italian soup that contains Parmesan and fresh parsley in a rich chicken broth. X foods are an interesting mi’x ‘, is not it? What would you like to add?

Special thanks and hugs to Pragun for his contributions for this post!

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