5 key reasons why facility maintenance is important

Managing the facilities is one of the most important steps you need to take to ensure that essential services are outsourced to another company. Put simply, facility management simply includes a range of different services designed to ensure the efficiency, safety, comfort and proper functioning of a specific environment. In most cases, this concerns immovable and infrastructure. Buildings often have separate departments for the management and maintenance of facilities.

Facilities management is often divided into two distinct categories: management of physical facilities and management of non-technical facilities. The former focuses mainly on the physical facilities that need to be maintained, such as elevators, plumbing, air conditioning and heating.

On the other hand, the management of soft facilities mainly focuses on services such as grounds maintenance and landscaping, security, catering, and janitorial or guard services. Essentially, you are handing over the responsibility of keeping things in the hands of another company.

If you are not hiring the right people to maintenance of facilities, you may encounter many difficulties. It should be understood that in a building, the management of the installations is essential. Otherwise, several systems will collapse, making it difficult to keep the place neat and tidy and to ensure that essential functions continue to function properly.

Why is this important?

First of all, it is important to understand that facilities management can be adapted and adjusted according to the needs of the organization. For example, if it is a larger building with multiple floors, facilities management may be required for all hallways and aisles, as well as the lobby.

If you are still having trouble hiring a facilities management company, here are some reasons why facilities management is so important.

1. Ensures the safety of tenants

This one is pretty obvious. Large buildings must adhere to a strict code or set of regulations designed to ensure the safety of people in the building. When you hire a private company for facilities management, they are already familiar with all of the codes and regulations that the building must adhere to.

This expertise will be essential and will ensure that everything goes well in the building. For example, all equipment will be checked and managers will ensure that an appropriate maintenance schedule is adhered to. Not only that, but they will also check the performance of equipment and machinery.

More importantly, they will also prepare the various systems and surfaces of the building for varying weather conditions. It is important to make sure that you have a good facilities management program, as this will ensure that all tenants in the building remain happy and satisfied with the level of cleaning observed in shared spaces.

Clean spaces are important because they prevent infections from spreading and also reduce the chance of injuries that could occur. This is extremely important and will ensure the safety of the people who reside in the building.

2. Effectively maintain the various systems and services

It is important to understand that facility management does not focus solely on the regular maintenance of these systems. The best companies that offer facilities management services usually make sure that the various systems and services are regularly maintained.

Managing maintenance isn’t something most construction companies focus on, and it’s a terrible idea. You should understand that preventive maintenance is necessary to keep the services running smoothly. If there is a failure in essential systems, it will only make matters worse. You need to make sure that all the systems keep running properly to avoid any kind of major issues from occurring.

3. Reduced costs

Facility management is also very important because all the services needed to operate the facility are brought together in a single head. When you have a manager who handles all of the activities necessary to keep the space clean, including supplier relationships, you will be able to keep a clear eye on your budget and expenses.

This way the manager will be able to reduce duplication and have a better idea on how to keep costs as low as possible. Ultimately, you will notice a drastic reduction in the monthly expenses incurred for the maintenance of these systems. The cost of operating the space and ensuring that each vendor is paid on time will also be reduced.

4. Responsibilities are streamlined

Another major advantage that you get by hiring a professional company to take care of the management of your facilities is the fact that the responsibilities are going to be distributed more effectively among all the stakeholders. The services, as mentioned above, vary widely depending on the size of the building and the extent of the work to be done.

When working with a professional facilities manager, they will first sit down with you and create a dedicated management plan. It is important to have a management plan specifically designed to meet the needs of your building.

A bespoke management plan will play an important role in determining the needs of the facility and exactly what is needed to enable success. With a dedicated management plan, the efficiency of all associated systems will increase, and you will see a significant reduction in monthly expenses.

5. Redirect your attention

As a business owner, you don’t want to be hampered by system failures or equipment failures. Instead, you want to focus on your own responsibilities. This is only possible if you have a team of professionals who take care of all the usual systems and operations of your facility.

Instead of worrying about those little things, it gives you the flexibility to focus on bigger and more important things. You will have the opportunity to focus on more important things that could potentially help increase the value of your property instead of spending your time haggling with sellers and vendors.

Are there any downsides?

While this has mostly positive impacts, you should understand that hiring a facilities management professional may not be in the best interests of some spaces. Before hiring a management company to take care of any facilities, it is important to assess the following disadvantages and see if hiring a facility management company can cause these problems for you.

1. Cost-benefit analysis is not so good for small organizations

When you hire a facilities management company, you should understand that they will charge a fee for their services. For small businesses and organizations, where the money is well distributed, it may not be easy to hire a facilities management company.

Instead, it would be better to outsource the services to multiple professionals and child care providers. Do you really need this organization? The good thing, however, is that many facilities management companies usually offer tailor-made programs, so you can save a bit of money this way. If, however, you think it will always cost you more, it might be a good idea to research other options.

2. Reduced control

As a property manager, you will need to reduce your control over property when you hire a facilities management service provider. Many people who like to keep responsibility firmly in-house usually avoid hiring facility managers because they just don’t want to delegate.

Obviously, when you delegate such services to another company, you will want to establish a degree of trust between them. Failure to build trust could lead to strained relations, which could ultimately create tension between the two parties, which may not be conducive to growth. Ultimately, if you feel that this is the case and losing control isn’t an option for you, you might want to consider not going with that option.

3. A risk for confidentiality

This is a given: you will need to open important accounts and provide access to a facility manager to manage all systems and equipment. This means providing access to secure information such as access controls, passwords, keycodes and more. Obviously, this confidential information will be highlighted in the contract, and above all, a non-disclosure agreement will also be signed between the two parties.

Do you think you are comfortable with this change? This might not be suitable for people who do not have a relationship of trust with their facility managers. There is a slight potential for a security breach, although very limited. As long as you’ve signed an NDA and everything is in order, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Hiring a facilities management company is usually a smart move, as it translates into a litany of perks, such as streamlined responsibilities, increased tenant safety, and cleaner spaces. It’s a smart move, although some property managers don’t find it profitable or the lack of control is not to their liking.

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