Gold Coast Titans coach Justin Holbrook slams defence after loss to Brisbane Broncos

An exasperated Justin Holbrook has lamented his team’s defense in recent weeks as what was a promising season began to unfold for the Gold Coast.

The Titans were leading by 22 against Brisbane and 14 a week ago against South Sydney, losing both – and were beaten by Manly a week before that.

They have now conceded 112 points in their last three games and lost four in their last five.

“The minute they got the ball we couldn’t stop them, and that’s our problem for a few weeks now. We’re just not good enough when we don’t have the ball,” said Holbrook after the loss to Brisbane. .

Oates goes all the way

“Three weeks in a row, which are worrying signs – and that’s what we need to fix.”

After throwing the Broncos out of the park in the opening 15 minutes, the Titans 22-0 lead quickly disintegrated as the teams somehow came in at halftime locked at 22 points. The damage continued after the break, Brisbane wins 36 unanswered points in possible 36-28 win.

“We just can’t stop the traffic once it’s against us,” he said.

“We’re just running away from points everywhere.”

The second-year coach said the start of the second half was ‘brilliant’ but after Corey Oates ran the length of the pitch on an interception the team fell apart.

“We are a million kilometers away [finals footy] by the minute, right? We are currently in the third of the competition and we have only won three games. “

Scoring points hasn’t been a problem for the Titans, especially in the last two games – and neither has it held up the ball, with Gold Coast posting a 91% completion rate against their rivals.

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“We don’t defend well, it’s so obvious. I know it, everyone knows it, anyone who watched the soccer game. It’s hard to sit still here because I have nothing else to say other than that.

“We’re not positioning well enough with 13 men, we actually need 14 men on the pitch.”

Holbrook said after Manly’s game he could forgive his troops for a poor performance, but after three straight games of porous defense it was time to worry.

He said that although each of the three losses was different, it was the same result.

“We’re running away from too many – I feel like I’m back as an Under-20 coach the last few weeks. It’s horrible.

“But I have to see myself as a coach and make sure we’re doing things right.”

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