Jurgen Klopp Makes Title Challenge Promise Ahead Of Next Season Premier League

Jurgen Klopp has vowed to fight for the Premier League title next season (Photo by Getty Images)

Liverpool boss Jurgen klopp praised Manchester City and Man United for overtaking Liverpool this season, but promised his side that “liverklopp will challenge them again next year”.

The Reds will travel to Old Trafford to face Premier League rivals Man United on Sunday.

Liverpool could give City their title this weekend if they get United’s three points at Old Trafford, in a bittersweet situation for the defending champions.

A win for the Reds will bolster their hopes of a top-four spot and a Champions League spot next season.

But Klopp insisted it would be “really weak” to take the form of Manchester’s sides to heart, despite their victory over Liverpool in the league and their European semi-finals.

“We are responsible for the things that have happened to us,” he told reporters.

“In recent years, we were constantly in the semi-finals, in the final, fighting for the league title. I don’t know if the other teams felt bad because of us.

“I don’t wish them, and I don’t do that. I am not a person like that. They deserve the situation they find themselves in, that’s football, that’s right.

“They’ve won a lot of games, United turned the game around last night, have done 20 times this year already, and that’s it.

“We’re going to challenge them again next year, but this year we can only play our season and finish our season as well as possible.

“We have nothing to do, obviously, with the semi-finals and the finals, we know that, but I don’t feel bad about it.

“I had my bad times during the season for other reasons, but not because other teams are winning more games than us.

“It’s not my problem, I only have one problem with the weekend opponent, the specific weekend, and not looking at the table and going ‘oh my god, City and United put back on the right path’.

“Life is too short for these kinds of worries or thoughts.”

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