Parents Worried About Toddler Learning Loss During Pandemic

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The learning and development milestones of preschoolers across India have been hit hard due to Covid-19. Their first introduction to education – the preschool format where children learn socialization, numbers, language and some life skills – has been discontinued. According to a recent survey by EuroKids International, as the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the 2020 school year, preschool parents are quite worried that their children have lost learning as a result and feel it is very important to continue the education of a child during this pandemic.

According to the survey results, a high degree of parental concern with education is evident, as 95% of parents have enrolled their child in some form of learning – online or at home, to ensure the continuity of their learning. When asked how much time children spend learning in a week, 43% of respondents said children spent between one and three hours per week learning, while 37% said children spent more than three hours of learning.

As preschools have been closed since March 2020, parents have found online learning to be a viable substitute for their toddlers to avoid a near zero learning year for their children. In light of the pandemic, an online preschool offers children a structured learning program. When asked about the achievement of their children’s learning outcomes, parents reported that their children were able to grasp pre-academic skills such as recognizing colors, printed names, letters of the alphabet, numbers , etc. more than any other skill. In addition, the survey also reveals that many parents believe that while school learning is somewhat managed and learning outcomes are addressed there, parents also worry about their child’s social and physical development.

With the second wave of the pandemic extending the period of preschool closures, parents are increasingly concerned about the negative impact of a two-year learning gap on their child’s developmental milestones. According to the survey results, 80% of parents who signed up for Home Buddy (an online preschool app from EuroKids) saw clear learning outcomes and 75% of those parents were willing to recommend Home Buddy to their friends and family.

Speaking of the results of the investigation, Mr. KVS Seshasai, CEO of Pre-K Division, EuroKids International said: “Global data over the years clearly indicates that children’s learning journey is fastest in the early years. The closure of early childhood education centers throughout this pandemic has resulted in a widening of the learning gap for most children. We understand the importance of continuous learning and we want to encourage parents to consider distance learning for their children, so that they can continue to reach their developmental milestones. Children should stay indoors for now, but start learning again with experienced educators and use scientifically developed methods.

Over 70% of parents surveyed said they would continue or choose online learning (teacher-led and parent-completed), in case schools do not reopen in the next six months, while 22 % would seek a home schooling option, by the parent, perhaps with the support of the teacher.

The EuroKids International survey was conducted by The Hearth Education Advisors in 10 cities with 1,082 parents. The research study was conducted in detailed qualitative and quantitative phases. Here, information has been gathered through qualitative surveys and to provide an understanding of how parents of toddlers feel about their children’s learning journey.

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