10 romantic dates in Nairobi

Finding a soul mate in Nairobi is no easy task, maybe because we don’t believe in soul mates, but as difficult as it can be the city has potential suitors and more importantly many great suitors. evening restaurants.

This guide couldn’t come at a better time, as Nairobi is quickly freeing itself from a lockdown. There really is no better way to activate romance than to have dinner with your loved one. In no particular order, here are the 10 best nightlife spots in town, from low-key bars perfect for a laid-back situation to that great restaurant to take whatever you want to woo.

  1. Sierra Bar and Grill

Comfortable, authentic and unpretentious cannot fully describe the hidden gem that is the Sierra Bar and Grill located at the Yaya Center. The main dining room is extremely sophisticated and screams the night with warm amber lighting, hardwood floors, mirrors, and timeless artwork.

The real magic of Sierra lies in its juicy and tender steaks ranging from their rib eye and sirloin tenderloin to an incredible selection of wines topped with unwavering hospitality that will make your dining experience truly unforgettable.

2. Intti – A Nikkei Experience

Perfect for a first date, INTI will blow your mind, create lasting impressions and great memories with the backdrop of the stunning evening sunset through the huge curved picture windows offering panoramic views of Nairobi city, all while enjoying your lunch / dinner.

Get ready for a whole new dining experience that includes ceviche, tiradito, octopus maki, sushi, causa, tiraditos and many Japanese artisanal spirits. Those who love sushi and spices will find it not difficult to fall in love with Nikkei.

3. Hidden gem

Hidden Gem is an effortless cool restaurant in Lavington that feels like dining in a family home, with warm decor and traditional Italian fare.

In the evening, sitting upstairs on their spacious terrace with warm lighting, one has the impression of being on vacation somewhere tasting their vast selection of Australian wines or good cocktails.

4. Hob House

Nestled in Kitisuru, Hob House’s philosophy is simple: “Don’t panic, it’s organic.” The restaurant has a warm, green and calming atmosphere and when it comes to food, expect some ideal traditional Lebanese dishes to share such as Zaatar and Feta cheese manoushe which dates back 5,000 years and traditional Lebanese hummus babila.

5. The social house

If going out to dinner is too cliché for you, the best thing to do is have a drink (or drinks). It is slowly becoming a popular thing, even among the first dates. If so, Inca is what you are looking for. Soak up the vibrant colors that this Peruvian bar has to offer and enjoy the handcrafted cocktails that truly capture the essence of Nairobi.

You can also dine in The other room is charming, vibrant with an indoor and outdoor seating area where guests can enjoy breakfast under shaded umbrellas, brunch by the pool or a leisurely dinner while enjoying the peace and quiet.

6. Nyama Mama, Capital Center

Nyama Mama is an unpretentious, fun and modern African roadside diner. Locally inspired, some of our expertly concocted dishes include Chapati wraps with mom’s stews and savory sides.

7. Talisman

Located in the heart of Karen, you’ll find Talisman (or commonly known as Talo), an elegant, upscale gourmet lounge with an alfresco dining area providing leafy surroundings as an intimate gourmet destination for everything from an English breakfast three-course. lunch / dinner with friends or just a drink or two at the pub

8. Honey and paste

Honey & Dough offers a modern coffee experience with delicious, healthy food. Great vegetarian and vegan options too.

9.Restaurant Harvest, Trademark Hotel

The interior has an undeniably warm and welcoming feel and is designed to wow and suck you in with its beauty and warm colors.

10. Shamba Cafe

Nairobi is home to very few barn style restaurants Shamba cafe being one of them brings a whole level of modern barn inspired setting. Cozy, airy with high ceilings and a rustic interior that transforms into a romantic dining space as the garlands light up at night.

Tucked away in Loresho, Shamba Cafe is the perfect place for those of you looking for a relaxing spot for brunch, wine, and dinner.

Bonus restaurant: Chu-Wöm

Capital FM’s favorite restaurant located in the heart of the CBD. The food is unique plus the service is extremely fast and the prices are fantastic. Just a heads up Chu-Wöm is not open at night, you might want to have lunch.

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