Beak & Skiff CBD Sparkling Water Review

More exciting than plain water and way healthier than soda or sugar and caffeine juices, one of my favorite ways to stay hydrated on a daily basis is by using flavored seltzers and sparkling water. Sugar and calorie free, and with tons of flavor to keep things fresh and exciting, they’re the perfect way to ensure you get the H2O you need throughout the day without adding extra empty calories.

Today, a 5th generation family business that began selling apples in its orchards in Lafayette, New York over 100 years ago, is innovating the way we drink our sparkling water in – beyond fun flavors. Emerging from their apple orchards, Beak & Skiff Research is launching their new USDA-certified CBD-infused sparkling waters as a refreshing new way to stay hydrated and relaxed.

With a subtly sweet, tangy and herbaceous sparkling taste, these new Beak & Skiff CBD Infused Sparkling Waters are available in Blood Orange and Black Cherry flavors. They are made with typical sparkling water ingredients like filtered water, natural organic flavors and carbonation. But it’s the full-spectrum CBD inside that makes these waters unique. Anyone can provide you with 20 mg of USDA Certified Organic Hemp-Derived CBD Extract that is grown and bottled at the historic Beak & Skiff Farm.

With popularity growing exponentially in recent years, CBD (which stands for cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant called a cannabinoid. The advantage of cannabinoid compounds like CBD is that they can attach to receptor sites in your body known as the endocannabinoid system (RCT), which can have many health benefits. While many of the health benefits of CBD are still being unraveled, studies have shown that CBD can be an effective and natural way to calm anxiety, reduce pain, and improve sleep. Many users of CBD products also report better focus and memory, improved mood, and help with depression. While the benefits of CBD are unique to you, at the very least, you should feel colder.

If you’re worried about taking CBD, don’t be. Completely safe, CBD is often mistaken for another cannabinoid found in the marajuana plant called THC, which is responsible for making you feel “high”. Better yet, a real one. This is where most people are confused: While hemp is the same species of plant as marajuana, it is cultivated to contain only trace amounts of THC. In fact, it is the law. According to the Farm Bill 2018, any product labeled with CBD must contain less than 0.3% THC or it will instead be classified as a cannabis product. So, no, CBD doesn’t get you high, and neither does those sparkling waters.

Another benefit of CBD in these sparkling waters is that they are full spectrum. This means that you get additional natural plant compounds contained in hemp which are believed to help the body better absorb and use CBD, making you feel more calm and grounded. I found the 20mg dose of CBD in these sparkling waters to be just enough to keep me gently relaxed and focused without drowsiness. It’s also a low enough dose that a person new to CBD can see how they feel.

CBD is typically taken in a range of 5 mg to over 150 mg or more, with higher doses reserved for those seeking relief from more intense cases of anxiety or pain. When starting out with CBD, the best strategy is to start slowly and slowly, and then build up gradually to find the right dose for you. A 20mg CBD infused seltzer may be all you need to experience its calming effects and it’s a perfect dose to start.

With the safety, purity and quality of their product in mind, Beak & Skiff is completely transparent and lets you know the exact chemical profile of the CBD they are using. With the help of a third-party lab, all the CBD that is used in each batch of their sparkling water is tested and available for you to verify. To get this information, all you need to do is find the QR code located directly under the nutrition label on the back of the box, then scan it with an app on your smartphone to get the exact profile of the CBD inside.

Perfect before or after a workout, or just for relaxing on the couch with some of your old favorite cookbooks, Beak & Skiff Research’s CBD-infused sparkling waters are free of calories, sugar, carbs, and sugar. gluten. They are also approved by Whole 30.

Whether you are already a fan of CBD or looking to give it a try, Beak & Skiff CBD Infused Sparkling Waters are an ideal choice. With plenty of sparkling bubbles and the perfect amount of CBD in each can, these sparkling waters will keep you happy and hydrated.

Where to Find CBD Infused Sparkling Water by Beak & Skiff Research

If you live in the New York State area, you can purchase Beak & Skiff’s CBD Sparkling Waters at their 1911 distillery on Route 20 in Lafayette. They will soon be sold in select retail stores across the state.

To order Beak & Skiff Organic CBD Sparkling Waters online, visit their online store here.

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