Changes to My Lockdown Home // Garden Edition

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Since the first lockdown began, we’ve made a lot of changes to our home. And I’m not just talking about turning one of our guest rooms into a home office! Since we were both working from home, that meant we had a bit more time than usual. It also meant that during school holidays (my partner is a teacher) I was also at home supervising (or leading) him. Here are some of the changes I made during the lockdown:

You have probably noticed that make changes to your home while on lockdown has become quite common. I mean, what else are you supposed to do on a Sunday when the pubs are closed? Having to stay at home has really encouraged us to create a home we love to be in, which can mean turning things around if you get tired of looking at the same rooms. Or it could mean diving head first into that house project you’ve been putting off.

Also, not being able to go out or go on vacation meant we could save money and invest it in our home (well, most of it was invested in preparing for our baby). but you understand me!

So in addition to all the changes we made in the articles above, we also worked on our garden. It’s still a work in progress – but I think it will be for a few more years! But here is the story of the transformation of our garden so far!

Our garden was a big project that we started in May 2020! After moving into our new home in June 2019, we didn’t do much in the garden that summer other than buying a barbecue and using it a few times (I really recommend doing a piece of beef or lamb on a barbecue rather than garbage burgers from the supermarket – it was lush!).

As the spring and summer of 2020 were beautiful, we really wanted the garden to be taken care of. With lockdowns looming and Covid-19 restrictions showing no signs of disappearing, we wanted a comfortable outdoor space where we could soak up the sun.

Even though beer gardens are currently open in the UK we haven’t ventured into any yet as we have the baby and knowing our luck we will be seated next to a smokers table! You can meet each other outside now which is another reason we wanted to sort the garden. We can therefore accommodate drinks or food in our garden!

We wanted a shed in our garden. We have a garage, but it’s my home gym in and other stuff. It was becoming a dump, so we wanted a place to store the lawn mower and craft supplies. We have a small patio near the patio doors, but this is in the path where the doors open so not ideal. We wanted terraces in the area as this is where the sun is most of the time.

My partner started digging this last May. It took him a while to dig the base for the shed and patio. Once he did, he laid the foundation for the shed with top stone that our subdivision site manager gave us. They also brought us one of the site dumpsters to use for the soil and turf we had dug up!

We then ordered the hangar. Everyone had to buy sheds last summer as it took about 8 weeks to arrive! We finally got it the last week of August. We also ordered decks and my partner and his dad spent a weekend painting the shed and installing the deck themselves. My contribution was to choose the color of the shed and make it into a sausage and egg sandwich for breakfast. To negotiate!

This spring we ordered our garden furniture. My partner also made a planter from the spare patio, so we planted some herbs and flowers! We have already had friends in our garden. It was nice to be able to sit outside and see other humans again!

It’s a bit annoying that it’s been raining since last week and raining next week, I really want to spend more time outside in the garden. We will soon have a paddling pool for Leo! Bring on the heatwave!

Finally, we would like to completely redo the turf because it is of poor quality. It’s just about rubble and uneven growth, so we’re going to sort it out right someday! We are also planning to add bamboo fencing for more privacy and to add more flowers and plants. We also did a bit of work on the front garden, adding some shrubs and a planter. I want to plant daffodils and tulips for next spring.

Hope you will see more photos of us enjoying our garden in the coming months!

In collaboration with Age UK Mobility.

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