To be hot? 9 practical tips for cooling off at home without air conditioning

How to cool off in this scorching summer heat?

The Philippines is a beautiful tropical country, blessed with stunning beaches and other natural wonders. However, since the Philippines is a tropical country, the dry season can also get incredibly hot and uncomfortable.

One solution to keeping things cool is to turn on your air conditioner. However, it can cause your electric bill to skyrocket. In addition, not all Filipino homes have an air conditioning unit. The good thing is that there are many simple solutions that can help fight the heat and increase your comfort. Here are a few tips:

Create a crosswind with two or more fans

To create a crosswind, the first thing to do is to place one or more electric fans on the cooler side of your house. This is usually the area that receives the most shade. Make sure these fans are facing the inside of your home, so that they can suck in cooler air and blow it inside. Then place the same number of electric fans across the room, facing the windows. This will push the hot air out.

You can do this with any type of electric fan, but a Support fan would be most ideal as they have the perfect height to reach the windows. A Support fan is also portable so you can easily move them from room to room.

To maximize the effect of the crosswind, open as many doors as possible inside the house. This helps improve airflow and helps fans circulate air more efficiently.

Use exhaust fans

Exhaust fans work by pulling warm air out of a space and then blowing it out. Usually, Filipinos have these fans installed in the bathroom and kitchen. If you have them, don’t hesitate to turn them on to speed up the circulation of hot air.

Close the curtains or blinds

It may seem counterintuitive to close curtains or blinds cool a room, since you are trying to let in fresh air from the outside. However, did you know that windows can let in up to 25% more heat if you keep them open?

To help block out the heat, close any curtains or blinds during the hottest hours of the day. Then, once the day starts to cool off in the late afternoon and night, you can reopen the windows for maximum airflow.

Use ice

If you want to circulate extra-cool air around your home, you can place a container of ice in front of your electric fan. The ice will cool the air pushed by the fan, so you will feel much more comfortable. As an alternative, there are also air coolers that you can charge directly with water, ice, or ice packs.

Cook early in the morning or at night

Appliances like ovens and stoves generate a lot of heat. If you can, batch cook your food early in the morning or at night to compensate for the heat released. You can also use other cooking appliances that don’t give off as much heat, such as an instant pot or air fryer. Grilling outside the house is also a good idea.

Washing machines and dryers are other large appliances that can generate a lot of heat. If you can do these tasks at night, it will help make things more comfortable during the day.

Buy a dehumidifier

One of the worst things about the Filipino climate is that the heat is very humid. This can make things more uncomfortable as it can make your sweat sticky. To counter this problem, try using a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air.

The ideal humidity level is around 60%, so turn the device off when it reaches that number or slightly below. If you want, there are models that automatically turn off once they hit a preset threshold.

Use cotton sheets

There’s a reason people are encouraged to wear loose cotton clothing during the summer: cotton is a lightweight, breathable fabric. This simple change can help improve your comfort level. If you need to cool off more at night, use cotton sheets and pillowcases.

Turn the lights off

If you’re still using incandescent bulbs, it’s time to replace them. They emit a lot of heat and are not very energy efficient. Remember to turn off lights that are not in use, because even LED bulbs generate heat (anything that uses electricity also generates heat). Of course, turning off unused lights not only helps keep a room cool, but also helps prevent waste.

Place plants around your house

In recent years, many Filipinos have become plantitos and plantitas. The good thing about this is that plants and trees can help block out the sun and amplify the breeze as it blows. Place plants in strategic locations, such as near windows to maximize benefits. You can also try planting ivy and letting them crawl on the walls so that they don’t get warm in the sun.

Finally, don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Still water is ideal, but you can also drink coconut water and unsweetened fruit juices for a healthy way to cool off.

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