IoT News – Sequans and AmericanPharma Technologies Partner to Protect Covid-19 Vaccine Shipments

Sequans Communications SA has partnered with AmericanPharma Technologies and provides the cellular IoT connectivity solution for AmericanPharma Tech’s PharmaWatch ™ vaccine monitoring system, which currently protects shipments and storage of Covid-19 vaccines nationwide.

PharmaWatch is connected by Sequans’ Monarch technology, which allows it to download its vaccine temperature monitoring data to portal every 5 minutes via secure and reliable LTE-M cellular network transmission.

“PharmaWatch provides one of the largest IoT monitoring solutions currently active in the world and we are proud that our Monarch LTE-M technology provides network connectivity,” said Didier Dutronc, EVP and GM, Massive IoT, Sequans.

“PharmaWatch monitors vaccine temperatures and other data and automates compliance reporting, and our Monarch module gives PharmaWatch the reliable and always-on network connection it needs to enable this critically important IoT application.”

“We chose Sequans’ Monarch to connect PharmaWatch because it allowed us to meet the demanding real-time reporting requirements necessary to ensure vaccine efficacy, whether during transport or storage,” said Nick Ioli, COO, AmericanPharma Tech. “The Sequans Monarch is an extremely mature, IoT-optimized LTE-M platform, and it gives our PharmaWatch customers exactly what they need to meet compliance regulations set by the CDC and other bodies. directors. ”

Sequans and AmericanPharma Technologies Partner to Protect Covid-19 Vaccine Shipments

PharmaWatch monitors temperatures as low as minus 200 degrees Celsius and provides report data every 5 minutes, exceeding CDC safety requirements for the transport, storage and handling of Covid-19 vaccines. PharmaWatch comes with preconfigured sensors for the required temperature ranges and can be self-installed in minutes. Its patented Virtual Temperature Buffering technology minimizes false alarms.

Connection to the cellular network is provided by the Sequans Monarch GM01Q module, one of the most mature and proven LTE-M / NB-IoT connectivity solutions in the industry. Monarch is designed and optimized for IoT, offering extremely low power consumption and global deployment capability, making it an ideal solution for IoT applications including sensors, meters and trackers. The module includes an LTE-optimized transceiver and a complete Single-SKU ™ RF front-end interface, supporting global deployment. Monarch is certified by major operators around the world.

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