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Inspiring more women through powerful stories of strong skin, Physiogel continues its FB Live series titled Celebrating Strength in Softness with host Bianca Valerio. The second episode went live on May 1, starring celebrity and vlogger Melissa Ricks who took us on her journey to find her own superpower.

Melissa believes that being gentle yet strong is a gift that allows you to be kind not only to others, but to yourself as well. It is the power to love others while loving yourself enough to walk away from things that are not intended for you. This force of kindness guided her to make more courageous decisions on her own, especially when she became a single mother.

Melissa Ricks’ Strong Skin Story With Physiogel Reminds Us To Be Kind

Unsurprisingly, it was Melissa’s friend Say Alonzo who served as her role model when she entered the maternity ward. She was struck by how the very “kikay” Say was able to handle mom’s house, work and chores on his own. “Even if she was struggling you would never have known because she always had a smile on her face and would always be ready to help me too,” said Melissa, proving that behind every strong woman is another strong woman.

Despite juggling work and mom’s chores, Melissa makes sure she finds a few minutes of “time for me” every day. Simple things like showing kindness to her skin make this mom happy. She enjoys using Physiogel skincare products to take care of her skin. It keeps it soft and strong inside and out, thanks to its clinically proven skin barrier repair Biomimic technology.

Physiogel has 2 ranges depending on the TLC your skin needs. For those who want moisturized and protected skin on a daily basis, there is the “blue” Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Range. For those with very sensitive and irritated skin, there is the “pink” Physiogel Calming Relief range which can help soothe, strengthen and repair the skin. Both ranges are clinically proven for strong yet soft skin.

Melissa Ricks’ Strong Skin Story With Physiogel Reminds Us To Be Kind

Although it was a difficult journey, Melissa’s transformation was worth it. She has learned that being gentle in a difficult world is very important, hence her vlogging slogan, “Remember to be kind”. She then took the opportunity to encourage viewers to “know that you can be both soft and tough.” You just need to give yourself permission to be both. You just have to make the decision and let it show ”. Indeed, kindness to yourself is the key to finding your own strength.

Ready for more strong skin stories? Watch for upcoming FB Live episodes by following the Physiogel Facebook page. Watch Physiogel’s second episode of Facebook Live in its entirety via this link: Physiogel is available from Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy, S&R, Landers, and BeautyMNL.

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