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(Image credit: FIA Formula 3)

Trident dominated the two-day test of the 2021 Formula 3 season in Jerez, as Clement Novalak ultimately finished the fastest overall of the two days.

Just days after the first round of the season in Barcelona, ​​Spain, F3 returned to the track at Jerez for their only season test which replaced the preseason test scheduled here which had been canceled due to restrictions UK travel.

Trident however dominated the two days as he passed three of the four sessions over the two days of testing, so here is a full summary of the test.

Day one

(Image credit: FIA Formula 3)

A hectic start to the morning saw several drivers immediately heading out eager to start collecting data in their quest for improvement, after an entertaining opening round in Barcelona last weekend.

MP Motorsport’s Caio Collet set the tone early until ART GP’s Juan Manuel Correa improved his pace, until Jonny Edgar and Calan Williams both broke the 90 second barrier with Edgar in the lead with 1. m 29.991.

Trident ended up setting the fastest times of the day with Jack Doohan the fastest over 1m 29.625 ahead of his teammate – Clement Novalak by 0.051s, with ART GP’s Fredrik Vesti just 0.075s slower in third.

Edgar had to settle for the fourth fastest lap time ahead of Aleksandr Smolyar, Ayumu Iwasa, Williams, Collet, Pierre-Louis Chovet and Jak Crawford as the 19 best times of the first day were set in the morning session.

Of only five drivers who set their fastest lap in the afternoon session, Dennis Hauger was the fastest, but his lap was ultimately only the 20th fastest overall.

Doohan also came out fastest in the afternoon session, but 0.980 slower than his a.m. hour, with all ten teams enjoying a rare uninterrupted day of racing without red flags.

Position Driver Team Time Session
1 Jack doohan Trident 1 m 29.625 a m
2 Clement Novalak Trident + 0.051 a m
3 Frederik Vesti ART GP + 0.075 a m
4 Jonny edgar Pug +0.286 a m
5 Aleksandr smolyar ART GP + 0.302 a m
6 Ayumu Iwasa Hitech GP + 0.320 a m
7 Calan williams Jenzer + 0.342 a m
8 Caio forceps MP Motorsport + 0.419 a m
9 Pierre-Louis Chovet Jenzer + 0.439 a m
ten Jak crawford Hitech GP + 0.472 a m
11 Oliver rasmussen HWA Racelab + 0.556 a m
12 Kaylen frederick Pug + 0.603 a m
13 Enzo Fittipaldi Charouz + 0.609 a m
14 David Schumacher Trident + 0.805 a m
15 Ido Cohen Pug + 0.813 a m
16 Matteo nannini HWA Racelab + 0.886 a m
17 Juan Manuel Correa ART GP + 0.926 a m
18 Arthur Leclerc PREMA + 0.980 a m
19 Olli caldwell PREMA + 1.039 a m
20 Dennis Hauger PREMA + 1.095 pm
21 Rafael Villagomez HWA Racelab + 1.137 a m
22 Roman stanek Hitech GP + 1.294 pm
23 Amaury Cordeel Campos + 1.331 pm
24 Tijmen van der Helm MP Motorsport + 1.567 a m
25 Filip Ugran Jenzer + 1.578 a m
26 Lorenzo Colombo Campos + 1.690 pm
27 Victor Martins MP Motorsport + 1,838 pm
28 Reshad De Gerus Charouz + 2.080 a m
29 Laszlo Toth Campos +2.419 a m

Day two

(Image credit: FIA Formula 3)

A sunny start to day two of testing saw the teams choose to conduct qualifying simulations with Novalak leading Doohan in the opening stages, as the Franco-Swiss driver broke the F3 track record around de Jerez with 1m 28.677.

Vesti was the only other rider to break Doohan’s previous record and dive below 89 by finishing the day 0.258 seconds off Novalak’s time with Enzo Fittipaldi third ahead of Doohan and Victor Martins.

Collet, Crawford, Smolyar, Manuel Correa and Edgar completed the top ten with the 23 fastest total times set in the morning session, as everyone spent the afternoon session gathering data. and perform race simulations.

The two best current PREMA drivers in the standings, Dennis Hauger and Olli Caldwell, however, both achieved their best lap times after the lunch break to rank respectively 24th and 25th overall.

Hitech GP’s Ayumu Iwasa was the only rider to dive under the barrier of the 90s as he dominated the afternoon session at 1m 29.884, with Hauger and Caldwell setting the second and third fastest times during the last session of this test.

Position Driver Team Time Session
1 Clement Novalak Trident 1 m 28.677 a m
2 Frederik Vesti ART GP + 0.258 a m
3 Enzo Fittipaldi Charouz + 0.383 a m
4 Jack doohan Trident + 0.384 a m
5 Victor Martins MP Motorsport + 0.467 a m
6 Caio forceps MP Motorsport + 0.516 a m
7 Jak crawford Hitech GP + 0.519 a m
8 Aleksandr smolyar ART GP + 0.530 a m
9 Juan Manuel Correa ART GP + 0.539 a m
ten Jonny edgar Pug + 0.542 a m
11 Ayumu Iwasa Hitech GP + 0.546 a m
12 David Schumacher Trident + 0.581 a m
13 Matteo nannini HWA Racelab + 0.656 a m
14 Roman stanek Hitech GP + 0.663 a m
15 Calan williams Jenzer + 0.715 a m
16 Lorenzo Colombo Campos + 0.865 a m
17 Kaylen frederick Pug + 0.909 a m
18 Pierre-Louis Chovet Jenzer + 0.942 a m
19 Oliver rasmussen HWA Racelab + 0.981 a m
20 Rafael Villagomez HWA Racelab + 0.985 a m
21 Ido Cohen Pug + 1.021 a m
22 Amaury Cordeel Campos + 1.066 a m
23 Reshad De Gerus Charouz + 1.283 a m
24 Dennis Hauger PREMA + 1.386 pm
25 Olli caldwell PREMA + 1.541 pm
26 Filip Ugran Jenzer + 1.727 a m
27 Arthur Leclerc PREMA + 1.917 a m
28 Tijmen van der Helm MP Motorsport + 1.952 a m
29 Laszlo Toth Campos + 2,468 a m

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