10 things you should never say to your spouse or partner!

You and your partner just got into a passionate argument and really wanted to get your point across because you are right and your partner is wrong.

To get your point across, you end up saying a lot of things to your partner that you really regret.

It’s like breaking an egg and no matter what, it will never be whole. Words can never be taken back, so it’s important to watch what we say in all relationships, not just romantics, even from parents to kids and more.

Communication is an essential part of any relationship. What you say can break up or make a relationship.

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Here is 10 things you should never say to your partner or spouse whatever the circumstances. You can never take back negative or hurtful comments.

1. I am with you only because of the children!

Ouch! So it’s the first thing to never say to your partner. No one wants to feel like you’re only with them for some reason, for some reason. When you tell your partner that you are only together because of the kids, it sends the message that they are no longer special and you can easily get rid of them. Plus, you’re not really in the 100% relationship.

While your issues with your partner may seem overwhelming, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

The key is to communicate your feelings to your spouse in a positive and constructive way without saying things that you regret.

2. The D word; Divorced


The second thing to never say to your spouse is the D word. At any point in time, you cannot drop the D word because you are angry with your partner. Immediately you start to erase such words, you are already creating problems.

If divorce is an option, it will be used. It shows a lack of commitment and faith in preserving the relationship. As long as domestic violence and / or abuse is not involved, try to keep your vows / promises and face challenges together if possible.

It also causes uncertainty in the relationship. No one wants to be in this kind of relationship.

3. Never say: “You are a failure”

Never say your spouse is a failure. Everyone strives to be the best they can in life and being told often by your spouse that they are a failure isn’t really good in any relationship.

Citing the successes of your friends and family to downplay your spouse’s accomplishments is also not a good idea.

You should strive never to compare your spouse to others. Don’t try to follow “The Joneses” because you don’t know what’s going on in the privacy of their homes.

4. I wish I had never married you

Once you say that, you can’t take it back. There are some words you shouldn’t play with, no matter how angry you are, because they will always come back to haunt you.

Saying a hurtful word like this is totally demoralizing, and you’ve just told your significant other that you seem to have made a bad decision in committing to them.

5. Talking badly about your in-laws

In many cultures, when you get married, you also marry the family. Whatever your problems, be respectful to your spouse’s parents and family members.

When you make a commitment to an individual, you accept them for who they are, you accept their family, and you strive to treat them as your own.

Don’t get angry and start insulting your in-laws.

6. My ex is better than you

An ex is called an ex for a special reason; He or she belongs to your past and there will never be a future in him or her. Keep them in the past.

If your ex was this amazing, you would have married him, but you haven’t let go of your past and stopped comparing.

7. Blame game: “It’s your fault”

Blaming your spouse for something that happened during your relationship will still create a barrier or resentment.

When you get married, you have to learn forgiveness and let go in order to live in the present and the future. This should be a condition for getting married, for being able to forgive.

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8. You are so stupid

Marital problems

You can say this because you disagree on a particular issue and attack their intelligence.

There are better ways to deal with disagreements, and you should be more constructive in delivering your message.

9. I can’t forgive you

If you really feel that way about your partner, why are you still with him or her? This is a question you really need to think about and answer.

No one is “all perfect,” so you should be prepared to forgive often. Of course, it depends on the forgiveness requested, but it is essential to try to forgive each other and ask for help if needed.

10. Calling your spouse apart from their name

It is simply insulting to call your spouse or anyone with any sort of derogatory name just because you are mad at them.

Not a good excuse anytime.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, saying the wrong words can destroy your relationship. Words are very powerful and some words sting more.

If you’ve said any of these words in the past, it’s time to stop. If your goal is to be in the relationship for the long haul, you should strive to be positive in your approach to communication.

* Updated May 15, 2021

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