5 PowerPoint Tips Every Student Should Know

PowerPoint has been a blessing for people of all ages. This is as useful for a child going to school as it is for someone who has to make a presentation to their business leaders. However, the students who attend university are the ones who have benefited the most.

They use it for their classroom presentations as well as for their projects. In addition, student entrepreneurs also use it to present their ideas in incubator competitions. However, sometimes despite having sufficient knowledge of PowerPoint, they miss out on important aspects of it. We’ve put together the tips every student should know.

1. Avoid using a lot of text

Using a lot of text on your slides is one of the most common mistakes students make when giving PowerPoint presentations. There are several reasons why this error is made. The first is that the students want to read slides.

This mistake should be avoided at all costs. It makes the slides boring and boring. No one would look at a slide full of text. Instead, fill out the slides with infographics such as pie charts, charts, or the main points you’ll be talking about.

2. Design according to your audience

Another tip that might be useful for students during a presentation is to keep the audience in mind. The main objective of a presenter is to convey his message to his audience. Therefore, this tip is very important.

For example, if the presentation is to be given to a panel of teachers, students should design it with the interest of the age group to which their teachers belong in mind. If they’re baby boomers, they might not like the animation and bright colors.

Likewise, if the presentation is to be given to lower grade students, adding cartoons to the slides and making them colorful will keep students attentive.

3. Add high quality images

AT make your presentation professional and make a good impression on the public, students should use high quality images. If you can afford it, buy a premium membership to various websites that provide images. Otherwise, you can also use images downloaded from Google.

4. Use transitions

The use of transitions is a must during a presentation. This will add an aesthetic touch to the screen. Simplicity will be maintained. However, this will add to the details that matter.

5. Use ready-made templates

One problem that almost everyone faces is that their presentation lacks aesthetic appeal. This is due to the difference in design and color combination of the designed slides themselves. This loophole can be eliminated very easily.

The use of ready-to-use PowerPoint Templates gives a professional look to your presentation. Being pre-designed, it requires little effort to make changes – there are thousands of these templates available on various websites that you can download for free.


Here are some of the essential tips to follow. Use your creativity when presenting. However, keep in mind to keep the design so that the look is retained.

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