Have big three played enough together?

Many rank the Brooklyn Nets as title favorites. Photo by CBS.

the brooklyn nets The playoff odds are pretty good, but even though many see them as favorites in the East, there are still question marks as to how it all turns out.

This has gone pretty well over the season, with the Nets securing the second seed in the Eastern Conference ahead of the Bucks.

They also did so without playing half the time with their stars, as the Big Three only played a handful of games together. Considering they had a rookie coach and all those injuries, it’s quite an achievement to finish as the second seed in a solid Eastern Conference.

Clear playoff chances

Before the start of the season, Vegas set their win tally at 45 and they weren’t among the teams considered the big favorites to go all the way. Besides the Lakers and Bucks, who were at the top of most lists, we could also see teams like the Celtics and Clippers ahead of them. These lists changed somewhat after the James harden Trade. This trend has continued throughout the season, so many of them have the Nets as favorites to win it all for now.

Off-season movements

The clear goal of the Nets front office ahead of the start of the season was to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving with quality players who could lighten some of the load the duo would inevitably have to carry to ensure the team’s success.

Their offseason has been very quiet for the most part. Of course, the exchange for Harden created shockwaves in the league, but it happened after the start of the season. It cost them Caris LeVert and Jarret Allen. They also signed Jeff Green in free agency and acquired Bruce brown Jr.

Several players have also left during the offseason. Garrett Temple, Justin anderson, Wilson chandler, Lance Thomas and Donta Room all are gone. They resigned Joe harris which was a huge move for them and they kept Tyler johnson.

How was the season

The season has gone pretty well considering all the circumstances. It was by no means a smooth ride.

Durant was injured, Kyrie was injured. Harden was injured. Blake griffin was acquired as well as LaMarcus Aldridge. At one point, they appeared to have a starting five made up of current or former All-Stars. Aldridge unfortunately retired due to heart issues griffin is not what it used to be but can still contribute as the big 3 should be ready for the playoffs.

At one point, their injuries seemed to cast doubt on their ability to stay on the ground when it mattered most, but if the reports are true, they should be good to go. Durant played 30 games, Irving 50 and Harden 34 games. They only played 7 games together. Contrary to popular belief, this could prove to be very beneficial for the Nets in the playoffs. Their current record shows that even without one of their big three, the Nets are more than capable of beating good teams.

In February, they had a run when they gave up just one game in 15 games. They defeated the Clippers, the Lakers, the Celtics, the Suns. We must not forget the wound of Spencer dinwiddie whose shot would do wonders for this playoff team. If they maintain their level, the chances of the Nets’ playoffs are pretty good, but if they do, they’ll be a threat to win it all.

Key players

A team consisting of James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving has basically three key players, but even between them one is the biggest. James Harden shone the brightest in Brooklyn when he performed.

His game was at MVP level. It’s quite a transformation from the Harden who entered the Rockets camp out of form. If he hadn’t hurt himself it would have been a close race between him and Jokic but it wasn’t meant to be.

Brooklyn was the best with Harden on the team, whether Irving or Durant played. His level will have a dramatic impact on the Nets’ playoff chances and considering he should be cooler than usual, we could see Harden’s level of MVP in the playoffs.

Net playoff rotation

The team base is centered around the Big Three whose play will be dissected in detail in the playoffs. The squad should be in good health heading into the playoffs which will be interesting to watch considering we’ve only seen them in 7 games so far.

Naturally, they will occupy 3 starting roles in the team and most of the time at least two of them will share the field. It’s pretty obvious why. DeAndre Jordan will occupy the central position while the SF position will be reserved for the always reliable Joe Harris.

He’s been the Nets’ most consistent player this season, without missing a single game. He averages 14 points per game while shooting 47.8% from three. His three-point shot will be the key to the Nets’ playoff chances.

Griffin is the biggest name on the bench and a player who can still contribute on the offensive side of the ball. The same can be said for Landry Shamet. Green is another veteran who can give you 20 minutes per game with the rest of the bench filled with players who shouldn’t be contributing much in the playoffs. Mike james, Nicolas claxton and Brown will have a few minutes, but they will hardly play a game in your favor.

Clear playoff chances: final thoughts and expectations

The Nets are currently seen as one of the teams that could win it all and for good reason.

The talent they have is ridiculous but it depends on Steve nashthe ability to make it all work. The offense should revolve around Durant, Irving and Harden but the bench will have to contribute a lot if the Nets hope to go far.

Offensively they are one of the best teams in the league, while defensively they will have a tough time, especially when it comes to playoff basketball. The injuries that have plagued them during the season will also need to be avoided.

Anything worse than a final appearance at the Conference would be a disaster. A team assembled to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy simply can’t afford to slip into the playoffs. They have enough individual talent to beat smaller teams. Team chemistry could be an issue, but an even bigger issue could be injuries that haven’t bypassed them so far this season.

If they’re healthy it’s hard to beat them, you just have too much worry. Just say, Durant, Harden, Irving.

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