What Pros Wear: Jordan Brand Football Signs 4 | Which NFL Athletes Joined Jumpman in 2021?

Jordan Brand is one of the most exclusive sports clubs. This year, they added 4 players to their already stacked roster in the NFL.

Bills All-Pro WR, Stefon Diggs, defending Bucs linebacker Super Bowl Champion Devin White, Jarvis Landry and No. 4 overall pick Kyle Pitts are all now members of the Jordan family.

Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs just finished a year of his career at Buffalo, recording 127 passes for 1,535 yards and 8 touchdowns. Diggs solidified as a wide receiver and on April 2, Diggs officially became a Jordan brand athlete.

Over the past two years, Diggs has had one of the most impressive stud repertoires in football. At the University of Maryland, Diggs wore Under Armor studs. Once in the NFL, Diggs was a “stud free agent” until 2018, when he signed with Adidas. Diggs teamed up with an amazing artist, Chewed up, creating studs inspired by memes, TV shows, music artists and some of Diggs’ favorite movies. Some of my personal favorites were the Spongebob crampons, Young Thug crampons, and Chucky crampons. The fabric of these 1of1 crampons was the Adidas Adizero 7.0 and 8.0, among the lightest crampons in the game.

Then in 2020, Diggs was traded to Buffalo and was once again a “stud free agent.” This time around, Diggs chose to wear the Nike Vapor Edge 360 ​​Speed ​​and continued to customize them by Mache. We actually covered one of my favorites in our Top 10 crampons of my cause, my crampons article.

Now that Diggs has joined Jordan Brand, we’ll see even more warmth of the cleats. Jordanian athletes are typically given PE crampons and gloves (player exclusive equipment – created to exact athlete specifications). But Diggs and Mache will continue to work together, just on a different canvas. For this season Jordanian athletes will be receiving Jordan 5. Diggs has worn low-cut studs his entire career, so we can assume he will be wearing a high-cut Jordan 5 this season. We’ll be looking forward to what Diggs, Mache, and Jordan bring to the grill this year.

Devin White rocking new Jordan gear and posing with his companion horse, Django. Going through Air.Jordan.com

Devin White and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have just won an incredible playoff series, crowned with a Lombardi Trophy. White’s rise to become one of the NFL’s top defensemen opened the door for a player under contract with Jordan.

Devin White came out of LSU in 2019 as the 5th overall pick. He wore Nike clothes at LSU. With the Bucs, he wears the Nike Vapor Speed ​​3/4 crampons. These crampons are pretty outdated, so Devin has to go through some Ebay Seller @GameTimeHeatCleats to get his. He’s been so loyal to those cleats so it’s hard to believe he’ll be into anything different next season.

Now that Devin White has joined Jordan Brand, we’re going to see him release some different gear. Jordan recently featured the 1, 3, 7, 9, 10, and 11 figure on the NFL cleats; this year they will be presenting the Jordan 5. We can expect to see Devin White in beautiful pewter and red Bucs.

Jarvis landry

Jarvis “Juice” Landry welcomed into the Jordan Brand family with a photoshoot and plenty of Jordan gear via Air.Jordan.com

Jarvis Landry is another player on this list who takes his game goal very seriously. “Juice” has been killing the equipment game since his days at LSU alongside the Swag King himself, OBJ. Juice was drafted by the Dolphins at the end of the 2nd round of the 2014 draft and quickly rose to prominence, both culturally and as a broad.

Along with the dolphins, he did most of his damage by wearing the Nike Vapor Carbon Elite 2014, one of the most legendary crampons ever produced by Nike. Like Diggs, Jarvis also worked with Mache to customize some of his studs. Juice and Chewed up have pushed the boundaries in recent years with some crazy custom studs, sometimes even just for the pre-game. He’s had several designed to look like Kobe Bryant basketball shoes and a pair to honor the late Grand Master of Ceremonies Mac Miller.

The customs of the Nike Vapor Edge 360 ​​Pro “Mac Miller” of Jarvis Landry by @ Mache275

Juice even tried wearing a custom pair of gold and orange Nike Vapor Untouchable Speed ​​3s, but the NFL uniform police forced him to change them at halftime. (How is that still a thing?)

Jarvis Landry was forced to change cleats at halftime because those gold cleats did not follow NFL uniform policies via Fox news

Now Jarvis Landry is going to rock Jumpman. Juice was already one of the guys with the most stud heat and that’s going to elevate his game even more.

Jordan Brand welcomed Kyle Pitts to the family with a photoshoot and plenty of Jordan gear. Going through Air.Jordan.com

Kyle Pitts was one of the most electrifying talents in college football last season. Pitts racked up 43 catches, 770 yards and 12 touchdowns in just 8 games for the Florida Gators last season. Pitts is a monster athlete – 6’6 ″, 245 pounds, runs a 4.44 and is a bona fide playmaker. The Falcons have picked up the future superstar in 4th place overall and expect them to immediately connect Pitts with Matt Ryan’s offense.

In college in Florida (one of 5 Jordan branded schools), Pitts wore Jordan soccer cleats and gloves. He was wearing a jumpsuit Jordan (Nike) Vapor Untouchable Pro 3s and Jordan (Nike) Alpha Menace Elite 2s. Both models have strong ankle support which is perfect for the quick tight end.

Kyle Pitts will continue to carry the Jordan torch in the NFL with the Falcons. It is incredibly rare for Jordan Brand to signing someone before they’ve even taken a snapshot in the NFL but Kyle Pitts is this guy. I would expect him to wear a Jordan 5 mid – probably with the Nike Alpha plate. The Alpha plate is a bit wider, has longer studs and is perfect for “ Big Skill ” players like Pitts. The design team is going to have a lot of fun creating the Pitts’ EPs because of the Atlanta Falcons /Michael jordanBulls color scheme. I would love to see them bring some of the classic Jordan ‘Breds’ for Pitts.

Who are you most excited to see in Jordan this year?

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