Do you feel strong shaking as you fall asleep? Experts reveal the reasons for your bizarre body quirks

We all felt the sensation. You are well wrapped up in your bed and – probably after turning and turning – you finally find yourself in a good peaceful sleep.

Then you enter a dream state where you fall from a sidewalk, window, or cliff, and BAM. Your whole body is shaking.

Your heart is pounding a little and you curse your mind to wake up when you could have slept now.

It is not uncommon, but continuous sleep begins, also known hypnic or hypnagogic jerks, may decrease the quality of your sleep if it wakes you up.

What are Hypnagogic jerks where does sleep begin?

Sleep specialist Professor Gaby Badre said being stressed, very tired or having irregular sleep patterns can disrupt our body’s natural cycle.

Usually our light sleep gradually turns into deep sleep and after about an hour REM (rapid eye movement) begins.

This is when our muscles become paralyzed and we tend to daydream.

But influencing factors can mean that our body is thrown into the REM cycle earlier than expected.

We still have vivid dreams, but our body is not prepared for it because our muscles are not yet completely relaxed.

It makes us tremble and shake – and can give you an almighty shock if you feel the sensation of falling.

Why is this happening?

According to sleep expert Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, there are three main reasons you might feel hypnagogic jerks in your sleep.

During dream states and REM sleep, the person may dream of running and then try to play it.

Dehydration can also cause painful muscle contractions or spasms.

Hypnic jerks occur when the person falls asleep. They can be linked to the release of muscle tension and stress.

How to treat hypnic jerks?

Professor Badre assures that having Sleep begins is “perfectly normal”, even if that worries us.

Dr Ramlakhan said:

It is important to completely relax before going to bed.

Try yoga before bed or gentle stretching before bed.

An Epsom salt bath can also help relax muscles and reduce stress and tension levels.

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