Do the Right Thing – Seattle Mariners Fan Garrett Mirsky’s Story

We live in a growing “me first” world. For a Seattle Mariners fan last week, it was team first.

Baseball fans have a great sense of history. They know what is important to the game. This is the reason why Seattle Mariners fan Garrett Mirsky returned the home run ball he caught last Friday night to the man who hit it, Jarred Kelenic.

For the past two years, MarinersNation has awaited the arrival of their next great hero, Jarred Kelenic. One of the top five prospects in the minor leagues, Kelenic finally made his debut for the Mariners on Thursday, May 13. He quickly went to 0 for 4.

The next night, Kelenic finally did what everyone expected. The rookie pitched a third inning, a 1-0 pitch over the fence into right-center field at T-Mobile Park with a runner first. He came directly to Garrett Mirsky, seated in the front row. The fan in his teal M jersey made a nice barehanded hold and jumped for joy.

Catch and release

An award like Jarred Kelenic’s first circuit ball would be a centerpiece in the personal collections of many sports fans. Garrett could have taken it home and put it in a cute briefcase to show off to his friends. The ball was also worth a lot of money.

Someone in the stands offered him $ 5,000 on the spot, so who knows what that would fetch on eBay? Garrett rather did something altruism; he returned the ball to the Mariners phenomenon. Although he didn’t ask for anything in return, Garrett received a signed playing bat and signed jersey from the player and the team.

The next day, he explained his reasoning on a Facebook page for the Seattle Mariners group.

“I’ve been asked several times why I don’t hold the ball and sell it. First of all, if it was money, I would have sold it to the guy who offered me $ 5,000 within minutes of grabbing it. But the moment wasn’t about me, it was about Jarred.

I was lucky enough to be a part of it and I will hang on to it for the rest of my life. It was always his ball no matter what the offer, the Mariners gave me the signed jersey (Kelenic) and Jarred gave me one of his signed match bats as a thank you. It was worth knowing that he will hang on to it and show it to his children someday.

If that doesn’t show someone’s love and appreciation for the game and their team, I don’t know what it means. It’s not always easy to do the right thing, but this Seattle Mariners fan did it. As many others before me have said on social networks …

WELL DONE, Garrett Mirsky!

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