How to look polite without even trying (a lot)

If there’s one box that I always try to make sure my look wraps around, it’s polished. Whether it’s a casual outfit I wear to run errands with the girls, a business meeting, or a big fashion launch, this is one of the primary criteria I try to maintain. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. If there’s one thing I need for all of my outfits, it’s easy, so I’ve found ways to make sure the polished look is simple enough to achieve. Here is how I do it.

Make sure all is well

That I am in jeans and a T-shirt or a costume, the only thing I always make sure is that everything is designed to fit. This means things like the hems are cut appropriately for my height and I’m not wearing a jacket that overwhelms me. Taking the time to make sure everything is adjusted in advance ensures that everything I wear by default looks neat.

Keep it simple

My look is very classic and I found it to be a great way to make sure I looked groomed. While everyone has their own aesthetic, the only thing you can take away is that keeping your look simple often means it comes in a very elaborate way. It means choose a declaration piece then keeping everything else simple. Whether it’s a pair of great shoes or knockout earrings, have one centerpiece and then cut down on the rest.

Always make sure your bag and shoes are in good condition
Pay attention to your bag and shoes

I have always been a girl of bags and shoes and have found that these are often the two key accessories that can make or break and dress. So I always make sure that the bag or shoes I’m wearing are clean and tidy. They don’t have to be expensive. but they should look presentable which means there are no scuff marks or stains. This is why I always make sure to use a fabric protector on all my bags and shoes before wearing them.

Don’t forget your beauty look

Most days, I have to get out of my house within minutes, so I’m all for quick and easy beauty routines. If I need to get out quick but don’t have time to style my hair, I’ll pull them back into a low bun (which takes a few seconds) and have a stylish hairstyle for the day. I’ve also simplified my makeup routine to a few simple essentials (see my full routine here) and it ensures that I look presentable when I step out of the door, but I didn’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of the mirror.

Get a steamboat

I don’t like ironing and I’m sure many of you feel the same. That said, I also can’t go out in wrinkled clothes, so a good shortcut is to invest in a portable steamer. like that. If I find something needs a press, I give it a quick steam and then I’m out the door. Most of the clothes are steamed in photoshoots and it’s a trick I’ve adopted in my own wardrobe.

What are some of your shortcuts for a polished look?

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