FirstBank wins 3 awards at the 2021 Global Banking and Finance Awards

First Bank of Nigeria Limited, Nigeria’s First and Leading Financial Services Provider, Received the 2021 ‘Nigeria Retail Bank CEO of the Year’ award, ‘Nigeria’s Most Innovative Retail Banking App’ ‘and’ Best CSR Bank in Nigeria ‘by Global Banking and Finance magazine.

The respective awards given to the bank are in recognition of the indelible role it plays in deepening financial inclusion in the country; Advancing the digital banking ecosystem and impacting people in its host communities through technology to make learning accessible to people of all ages, among others.

The Global Banking and Finance Awards reflect innovation, achievement, strategy, progressive and inspiring changes taking place within the global financial community. The awards were created to recognize companies of all sizes that occupy a prominent place in areas of expertise and excellence in the financial world.

With more than 750 branches and 100,000 Firstmonie banking agent networks spread across every nook and cranny of the country, FirstBank’s strong retail banking framework has been at the forefront of bridging the financial inclusion gap, enabling thus to Nigerians to carry out their financial and commercial activities. activities to contribute to national growth and development.

Additionally, in order to give customers a head start on cutting-edge digital banking services, the bank’s industry-leading banking application, FirstMobile, is configured with modern banking features that are regularly upgraded and designed with Self-service features to facilitate the browsing ability and competence of customers to complete their respective transactions hassle-free.

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The smart banking app is also integrated with a card protection service allowing customers to activate and deactivate cards on channels, account deactivation as well as second factor authentication and device registration. . With the FirstMobile upgrade, customers can remotely initiate the request for a new debit card as well as the replacement of a lost or damaged card.

Rooted in the fabric of society for over 127 years, overcoming challenges and remaining a dominant player in Nigeria’s financial services landscape, FirstBank has established partnerships and supported various sustainable activities for the continued growth of its communities of welcome and the nation as a whole.

As a responsible corporate organization committed to supporting all of its stakeholders in the most sustainable way possible, the bank has partnered with various state governments as part of the COVID Coalition’s response. 19 (CACOVID) led by the private sector to promote health care readiness and effectiveness. professionals and other compatriots at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic.

The bank has also forged a formidable partnership with Lagos State Government, Robert & John, IBM and Curious Learning, among others, to promote online learning for schoolchildren affected by the lockdown during the height of the pandemic. The initiative is still appreciated by thousands of individuals, regardless of their age.

“We are proud to be recognized with these awards, which demonstrate the investments we have made in recent years to strengthen our electronic platforms for our customers; improving financial inclusion through agent banking and empowering our communities in education, in particular by bridging the digital divide through an e-learning initiative, ”commented Adesola Adeduntan, CEO of FirstBank.

“These awards are dedicated to all of our clients, as the trust they have placed in us being their bank of choice to meet their business and financial needs has been instrumental in the success we have achieved throughout our existence. over 127 years. We remain committed to putting you, our customers, first, as we contribute to the growth and development of our host communities, ”he said.

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