Get TinyTAN Breathable Masks and more with your Globe Rewards app

From free meals to shopping vouchers, donating to good causes to billing discounts, there are a lot of amazing benefits to being a Globe membership. Through Globe Rewards, you and #EverydayIsAReward can enjoy incredible benefits and freebies just by using Globe products and services.

As part of Globe’s mission to create wonderful experiences so people have choices, overcome challenges and discover new ways to enjoy life, Globe Rewards is running a special flash offer on May 26 at 3 p.m. for TinyTAN breathable masks in limited quantities for only 70 points.

You can also use Korean with other flash offers like access to K-beauty products like bestselling FaceShop mask sheets and get vouchers to watch The Battleship Island with Song Joong-ki through GMovies in partnership. with Upstream, all from just 10 points.

What can you redeem with your Globe Rewards points? Here are some of the things you didn’t know you could get from your Globe Rewards app:

  1. Donate to medical causes. You can contribute to community pantries throughout Metro Manila through the Walang Iwanan Alliance, a citizens’ alliance formed amid the pandemic, which aims to alleviate hunger in the most vulnerable areas of the metro. You can also donate to PGH Medical Foundation, Inc. to aid in the efforts of the recent fire.
  2. Health benefits. Health is wealth, especially now, and you can afford up to P4,000 3 month health insurance provided by Pacific Cross. You can also achieve your #bodygoals by signing up for a spinning class at one of Metro Manila’s hottest workout studios.
  3. E-commerce vouchers. You can buy anything you want on the country’s major ecommerce platforms at a discounted price with great shopping vouchers.
  4. Food vouchers. Globe Rewards has partnered with many of your favorite restaurants, but it’s taken their love for food even further. Now you can satisfy your cravings anytime and anywhere at a fraction of the cost with the GrabFood coupons.
  5. Streaming subscriptions. I can’t get enough of your favorite koreanovelas and k-films? You can stream your heart’s content with premium access to different video on demand platforms.

These are just a few of the amazing things you can get using your Globe Rewards points. With more than 3,000 partner stores across the country, it’s now easier to shop, dine, travel and even enjoy Globe services from the comfort of your home, simply thanks to the reimagined Globe rewards.

“Not only do we reward users who continually choose Globe, but through Globe Rewards, we also provide the essentials and excitement they desperately need during these unpredictable times,” said Joey Kilayko, Head of Globe Rewards.

As well as enjoying the country’s most reliable internet and mobile connection, there are many benefits to being a loyal subscriber.

the Globe Rewards app is available on the App store, google play, and AppGallery.

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