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It’s that time of the month again – to put my mind to thinking and share some wisdom about one of the causes listed by Blogchatter. When I signed up for their #CauseAChatter program it was only to keep my blog alive as I found my time more and more spent on other writing activities. I’m generally proud that I can write about any subject, but I’m hitting a wall here! I haven’t really thought about this #CauseAChatter thing. Every month I’m looking for a topic I can share a message of help or encouragement on, and every month it turns out to be a struggle. Or, I can just blame it on the second wave of Covid-19. After all, it has completely invaded our consciousness, minimizing all other issues. So, for another month in a row, I’m just going to babble a bit. If my feelings and experiences resonate with you, then it will feel like I helped someone.

Last month I wrote on my current state of mind – a mental health-related rant that some of you may have identified with. Next month the post will have to be environment related, because you know – World Environment Day! Which means this month I’m stuck with ‘Gender Talks’. This topic is incredibly difficult for me, so I’ll take a shortcut. One of the perks of being a lifestyle reporter is that I have to write about a lot of people, many of whom are women who do amazing things. So here’s a quick roundup of the awesome women doing super awesome things, which I wrote about last month. Give them a read, I’m sure their stories will inspire you just as they inspired me:


Does this legendary singer with 51 years of experience in the music industry really need to be introduced ?! I interviewed her about life and work in confinement for The sunday keeper here.

A few years ago, Samrata embarked on a passionate project: to record and preserve the life story of her maternal grandmother in the form of a beautiful book. She soon realized that no one else was doing this, and so began her bespoke publishing business that records and preserves family stories through Fables Co family. Interviewed for YourStory here.

Most people who turn to Bollywood for sartorial inspiration are familiar with the embellished jutti brand. NEEDLE DUST. This brand was founded by Shirin Mann, when she couldn’t find the right pair of juttis for her own wedding and had to design them herself! Interviewed for YourStory here.

This young independent artist is trained in Indian classical music, but her real mission is to add fun twists to traditional folk classics, in order to strengthen their appeal to young audiences. In this feature for BusinessWorld Everything Experiential, I’m covering his latest release – an original take on Punjabi wedding favorite, “Sehreyan Wala”.

A wellness coach on a mission, Nasreen realized that the pandemic was wreaking havoc on everyone’s mental health. Thus, she joined forces with her colleagues in the profession to train Hearts listening, where people can get free advice or just chat with a mental health professional anytime of the day. Featured in BusinessWorld All Experiential here.

Pranati Khanna or Peekay, as she is better known, is Hyderabad’s most promising rising star. His last catchy track Much better was acclaimed everywhere and featured on a Times Square billboard when it was featured on one of Spotify’s Women’s Day editorial playlists. An article about her published in New Indian Express here.

Another famous name, and if you are a member of it Tribe Girl on Facebook, a familiar too. Tired of the caustic social media environment, Malini launched a secure women-only space on Facebook a few years ago, which was recently upgraded to her own app of the same name. Featured in New Indian Express here.

Lockdown has spawned many enterprising home chefs, but how many can teach you how to make healthy entrees and sourdough bread from scratch? Dr Kasturi and Megha form together BakeoGurll, running online workshops and delivering the freshest and healthiest sourdough breads across Mumbai. Featured in New Indian Express here.

Did anyone say sustainably made shoes that are both stylish and affordable? Call me ! Myra’s eponymous brand My | Ra promises just that, in a variety of styles, from flats to stilettos, wedges to sneakers. Featured in The Daily Guardian here.

A TV personality who is also a social media star, Ritwika Gupta has answered some pressing questions for those who do not wish to enter the entertainment business. Interviewed for The sunday keeper here.

This young lady has a lot of style and her line of comfortable and holiday-friendly clothing named Guapa, the watch ! Presented in the New Indian Express here.

A yoga guru who teaches this ancient practice for holistic wellness and the treatment of serious lifestyle diseases like PCOS. Featured in BusinessWorld The world of wellness here.

It’s a roundup of the women I wrote about in May. Hope you found something useful, inspiring, endearing, relatable, or just plain interesting. If you liked this post, let me know in the comments, and I could do one every now and then – maybe on a specific topic or broken down by genre? See you soon, hoping and praying for a wonderful and healthy June for everyone!


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