5 ways to master time management

We all know the struggle. You wake up in the morning determined to smash your to-do list and throw off a big butt. However, one thing leads to another and before you know it the sun is setting and you’ve barely cleared the first item on your list. Wait… where did the day go? You showed up for work. You went to this meeting. You have responded to these emails. So how come your to-do list hasn’t gone down and your motivation has? You may very well have a case of mismanaged time.

Time is arguably one of our most precious resources. If we use it well we can achieve great things, but it is very easy to get sidetracked. Like, you know, the Friends reruns on TV, the excessive emailing, or the millions of digital goodies vying for your attention. That being said, let’s talk about how to take your time so that you can start tackling your to-do list like an NFL star. Here are five simple strategies that will get you on the right track to achieving your goals this year.

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