Bryant McKinnie to host “Love Boat 2.0” on Lake Minnetonka!

Class this one under the “you just can’t make it up” category, but it was recently announced that a handful of former Minnesota Vikings are hosting a boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka on June 18th! Additionally, it will be hosted by former Minnesota Vikings Robert Griffith and Bryant McKinnie, the latter of whom was infamously present on the original Minnetonka cruise.

Obviously, it wasn’t long before the internet picked up this one and dubbed the company “Love Boat 2.0” after the infamous boat cruise a bunch of Viking players took over in 2005 that got madly out of control. and ended in legal proceedings. , accusations and a tarnished reputation for the players and the team. If you are unfamiliar with this scandal, you can get more details than you probably want. here.

While the original Love Boat featured exotic dancers and escorts from Atlanta, it looks like version 2.0’s plans will be much more tame. In fact, he serves a very good cause benefiting the Robert Griffith Foundation which provides college scholarships to underprivileged high school students.

Tickets get you food, drink, the boat cruise, and autographs from former Vikings McKinnie, Griffith, and Byron Chamberlain.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in tickets for the event …

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