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Surprises by Holly Bird from the book Ordinary Oneness

As I sat on my royal blue sectional sofa in my favorite spot, propped up looking out the window, sipping a glass of iced tea, I thought of myself another hot day, the weather had been unbearable even for Arizona, we had spent over a hundred days in over a hundred degrees and even the flowers in the garden no matter how much I groomed them, watered them and put in extra shade, they seem struggling to survive, the edges of the leaves were turning brown with a crisp edge and the colors of each flower were not as bold as they are when they first bloom in spring, summer was here and in the wilderness , it means the beauty is not so colorful and the heat is unbearable, not only for the plants but even for most people, especially me.

Looking over the rim of my iced tea glass, I saw some condensation starting to fall out of the corner of my eye, I thought of iced tea but it wasn’t on the glass, it was was on the glass: rain, can it be rain? Excitement ran through my body as I could see more drops banging on the window, pushing the dust that had settled on the window from the dry, dusty summer down to the bottom of the ledge and down to my. surprise, it was finally raining, and even the meteorologist hadn’t predicted it, and as I watched the rain fall harder and harder, my thoughts started to cross the surprise in my life, some wonderful and some less. I quietly said to myself “stay positive and thankful” a mantra that I repeat to myself probably a hundred times a day.

As the rain got a little heavier, my thoughts turned to my grandchildren and how much they love to play in the rain, and just as I started to smile I heard a voice in the hallway; “Grandma, it’s raining, can I go out and play?” a smile spread across my face and I said, “sure, let’s go!” As he ran to the back door I got off the couch and went to follow him, sometimes I felt like a little puppy following him around looking at him in awe and love and feeling blessed to live with him every day, as we live in a multigenerational home, by choice, which was another surprise in my life i never thought i would live with my daughter, her boyfriend and my grandson … by choice and as i watch the smile on my grandson’s face it was shining and my first thought was “grandmother little angel”, I was truly blessed, and he was definitely one of my earth angels who helped me through every day since birth,

As my thoughts continued to wander, the only thought; Angels always seem to take me back to my childhood and the connection that I always felt, even at a very young age, with our Heavenly Father and the gift of his angels, I could see them and feel them and when I was trying to sharing this with others, I could hear the laughter and disbelief, from family and friends, as I could hear them say that she has always been such a “storyteller” with a vivid imagination, and although I was sad and frustrated that no one believed that I could feel the love and strength of my angels to continue believing that they would be with me forever.

As I got older, in my early teens, I learned that it was better to keep my gift to myself, instead of sharing it because when I shared, the feeling of rejection and being called a liar, even though I did. knew that most of the people who were in my circle of family and friends believed in God, they didn’t believe that I could have a connection and feel the guidance which was a gift not only to me but to anyone who was open and willing to believe, to receive these amazing messages.

Coming into adulthood I realized that I was losing my connection, not because it wasn’t there, because I wasn’t focused on it, my life and my family were still moving forward at a pace. so fast, i forgot to slow down and feel the connection and gratitude i had for it.

I had been married, divorced and a single parent and the life experiences that come with each have always been a surprise, I never knew what to expect but in my early forties I met a man who would change my life forever, we would fall in love, a love I had never felt before, and raise a family blended that was filled with fun, laughter, and a faith that I had longed for most of my life, he believed in me and my gifts, which opened my heart to my gift and the angels still have once sung and guided me through my days, I was blessed.

Seventeen years later I found myself writing a book, Shaken Dream, a journey from wife to caregiver, my story of how our lives would be forever changed by surprise that we weren’t expecting, the health issues, the family and the angels helping me through situations that I would never have been able to go through on my own.

Writing this book was a way to share with others the lessons I learned about being a woman, juggling health issues not just mine but those of the man I loved more than her. life itself, as tears rolled down my face for six consecutive weeks I took my journals and relived every moment and wrote, knowing in my heart that I was going to help so many people, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are becoming caregivers for those they love and I was hoping to help them all!

One of the toughest surprise in my life, even though Shaken Dreams had been on the bestseller lists in five categories, few books sold, in some categories I only had to sell two or three books to be number one. My publisher was thrilled and I was grateful, but I could see the number of books sold, and the e-books, were a bit better, but the pages read never matched the books I had offered for free, in the hope to help others. . Not only was I surprised because of the sales, but also surprised by my feeling of failure, because I knew in my heart that if I only helped one person, I would be grateful, and I was, but when we put our hearts and souls into something, it’s hard to accept that it wasn’t as successful as I hoped.

Two years later, as I sat watching the joy on my grandson’s face dancing in the rain, I knew I had been blessed when I received a letter in the mail from a reader of my book, thanking me for sharing a wonderful love story and that she desperately needed it because it gave her insight to get through her journey, and she was able to open her heart and let the angels l ‘help. So I knew no matter how disappointed I felt, that even when I was gone, my word will always be there for anyone who might need advice along their journey.

Understand who you are and live authentically, just be you. It doesn’t matter all those worries you have about how you look, how you behave, or what people think. When you are truly who you are, you will attract people who will appreciate you for who you really are. And, your inner and outer worlds will align, reducing stress and bringing more peace to your life. The steps are not always easy, but when you follow them you can find a unity with God that can change your life forever.

Let your heart guide youYour inner spirit speaks through your heart. God too. So use your brain as a tool to gather information, but listen to your heart’s guidance at the end.

Practice kindness and compassion– When you live a love life, you feel surrounded by love. And you will make a difference in the world whether you feel it or not. Having a good heart will improve the well-being of everyone in your life, including you.

Let go of the drama and embrace the peace Don’t let drama and discord take up space in your life. Limit yourself to exposing what might be unnecessarily upsetting, and focus on what is peaceful, helpful, and warm your heart. Understand that there are things you cannot control and need to let go. You will feel a lot better when you do.

Live simply-Don’t let the things you own, your schedule, or people suffocate you. When you focus your attention on what you find useful, beautiful, or meaningful and let the rest go. Creating a sanctuary both in your heart and in your home will help you feel better and live with more understanding and grace.

Spend time in nature– God can be felt in nature. You don’t have to be a hiker or a gardener to connect to it. The wonders of nature can be found almost anywhere and anytime, even in a weed growing through a crack in a sidewalk. Take the time to notice the beautiful natural world around you. Enjoy it, breathe it or take a photo to preserve the memory.

Long live the truth– Living your truth means always being honest and doing what you say you want. Dishonesty and broken agreements damage relationships and destroy trust, even if they are with you. Speaking and living the truth is one of the most empowering things you can do.

Adopt the daily practices-Creating a setting for your days can improve your mood, focus, and connection with your heart. Morning practices can include journaling, reading something uplifting, exercising, meditating, or setting intentions for the day. At night, you may want to consider a practice of gratitude, relaxation, reading, prayer, or something that helps you sleep well.

Take care of yourself– To live, you have to take care of your body. Your mind and spirit also need support. Without personal care your life becomes limited, but with it your possibilities are endless.

Living in the Moment-Focusing on your present moment limits the space in your mind to worry about the future or feel bad about the past. Too many of us live in our heads most of the time and fail to notice the little moments of our days that pass us by. You will be more efficient and feel more grounded if you pay attention to what is going on right now.

To love yourself and learn to forgive the things and people who keep your heart heavy, finding something to be thankful for in every situation, including situations you never thought you could find something to be thankful for, like death, deception and loss, like as the people helping you get through the situation, maybe the person you lost was in so much pain and now they are sitting with God in Heaven, I lost a child, and the only thing I focused on was the compassion and support of the nurses and doctors, who help me through. Yes it was painful and even to this day I have tears in my eyes but even though I don’t know why it happened I have to have faith that God is with my child and the best Father who is. ‘he could have.

If you can find a way to think and feel this way, it will always help you stay positive, open, and connected to the love, connection, oneness, and blessing that Heavenly Father sends us every time. day. God bless you and your family.

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