New York Knicks Must Show Patience This Offseason

Should the New York Knicks extend Julius Randle? Which playmakers should the Knicks sign in the offseason? Are Chris Paul, Lonzo Ball or Kyle Lowry realistic targets to bring in next season?

We all need to settle down.

It has been less than 24 hours since the The Knicks have finished their season with a 103-89 loss to the Atlanta Hawks and Knicks fans are thinking about next year. Instead of taking a minute to enjoy the team’s best season since 2013, fans are trying to make bogus trades and free agent signings regardless of the salary cap rules.

I’m not here to shit about unrealistic fan dreams yet. New Yorkers are happy with a promising season, so they’re ready to build a better Knicks team. I am also guilty of anticipating next year.

Fans can look ahead and plan for the future now, as our decisions do not affect the team. However, the organization must take a different approach in the coming months.

The Knicks front office must be patient this offseason.

The culture is in place thanks to Léon Rose and Tom Thibodeau. A team that plays well in defense and plays hard every night has been put in place. Now, it’s time to level up the roster with some playmakers and stars.

The Knicks can’t come back with the same group of guys. That doesn’t mean they should let veterans like Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson get into free agency. But the lack of talent throughout the Hawks’ series was alarming, and the Knicks need stars to win in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, this will not happen overnight. Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul are legitimate stars who would greatly improve the Knicks. However, does Kawhi want to come to the East Coast after buy your third house in California? CP3 has the connection to Leon Rose, but why would he leave the Suns if they offer him the 3-year, $ 100 million contract he’s looking for?

If the Knicks attack Kawhi and Paul, which is likely to happen, the worst thing New York could do is panic and spend their 60 million cap space on good, not big, players.

Dennis Schröder would be an upgrade to the leader’s post, but is it worth paying him nearly $ 90 million over four years?

Probably not.

DeMar DeRozan is an above average goalscorer. On a short-term deal, DeRozan is a viable option. However, should the Knicks give a guy who shoots 25% from behind the arc a long-term contract?

Probably not.

Lonzo Ball would start immediately for the Knicks. Ball improved his shot by three and offers a vision of the field that the Knicks haven’t had at the point guard in over a decade. But, the price is probably going to be around $ 100 million over four years. Is it worth it?


Making a splash in free agency might not happen this offseason, and that’s okay. The aforementioned ceiling space to accompany two first-round picks (19 and 21) means the Knicks are heading in the right direction. The team has the opportunity to improve in the backcourt and acquire more shooters.

In today’s NBA, the stars are unhappy all the time. Just ask Kyrie Irving, who told the Boston Media he would re-sign with the Celtics to rush for the Nets months later.

It’s only a matter of time before the best player in a lousy franchise gets tired of his situation and wants to come out. Bradley Beal, Karl-Anthony Towns and Brandon Ingram could all be in business talks this summer. To a lesser extent, Collin Sexton and Buddy Hield would solve a lot of the Knicks’ problems.

Then there are always the dream scenarios where fans photoshop the players in Knicks jerseys. The preferred target of the dream scenario would be Damian Lillard. We should probably all keep dreaming as this is unlikely to happen, but it is important to remember that situations are constantly changing.

The Knicks will need to acquire several superstars to compete for a championship. It may not happen this summer, but be patient. If the Knicks continue to rebuild and improve, it’s only a matter of time before a star forces their way to New York.

What should the Knicks do this offseason? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me, @danny_giro.

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