How to make post-pandemic smoking sessions with friends safer –

Fortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is drawing to a close and restrictions across the country are lifted, including at your Fort Collins dispensary. For example, you may have noticed that you no longer need to take your temperature before entering the store. This is great news, as more and more people are getting vaccinated, and it means smoking sessions with your friends may be a thing again.

But does that mean you should get back to your social smoking habits before the pandemic? Not necessarily. If the thought of sharing a joint with someone you just met scares you right now, you’re not alone. Here are some ways to make post-pandemic pot parties with your friends safer and more enjoyable.


Bring-Your-Own-Joint rallies are no longer the party fault they were before COVID-19. If you are inviting friends, let them know in advance if they need to bring their own stash or smoking device. Or, everyone can put in a pinch or a few dollars, and you can roll a personal joint for each person who has contributed. BYOJ can also be bring your own pipe, bring your own bong, or bring-your-own-weed. After COVID-19, your stoner friends will be more excited about having a good smoke session again than they will worry about who should bring what. Make it clear that guests should come prepared with their own, and you should be good to go.

Take a box of alcohol wipes

Chances are you’ve already stashed rubbing alcohol to clean your pipes and other smoking or dabbing accessories. However, if you are planning on entertaining people, consider purchasing a box of easy-to-use alcohol wipes that you can put in a bowl on the table. People can grab them to disinfect the mouthpiece of a pipe or bong if they are blow and pass.

Ask guests to wear masks when not smoking or eating

One thing science has learned about the coronavirus is that the masks and the reduced exposure time help reduce its spread. Have your guests wear masks in your home when they are not actively smoking or eating to reduce the risk of transmission if someone is carrying the virus at your party, especially if guests will be at your party. indoor most of the time. If you can, having your meeting outdoors would be ideal and according to the news CDC Guidelines, vaccinated people may choose not to wear masks outside.

Watch out for coughing

Every seasoned stoner knows you cough to get off, but in the age of COVID-19, coughing wildly in the air after a big hit can be seen as a misstep as much as bogarting. It can be difficult to deal with a cough during a stoner session, but it can help to get creative with ideas to protect yourself and your guests. Consider having a social-distanced smokehouse, or have people come out for a smoke before coming back to enjoy the party. Most stoners are easy going and won’t have a problem as long as it’s clear, so there’s no confusion.

Ask your guests if they are sick or have been exposed

The day before or the day of your party, send a quick message to guests asking if they are feeling unwell or if they have been exposed to someone with coronavirus or who is waiting for the results of a coronavirus test. . You don’t have to be too intrusive, but let guests know if they are at risk, they should stay home. Consider making a small “Sorry, You’re Going To Miss The Party” basket with an edible, a joint, and candy or other snacks. Drop them off quickly (remotely!) To anyone who needs to stay home before the shindig, so they don’t feel like they’re missing out – and less encouraged to come anyway.

Have hand sanitizer and soap on hand

Do your dishes and clean your bathroom, so that guests have a place to wash their hands with soap and hot water when they arrive at your home and throughout their stay. You can also place a few bottles of hand sanitizer to make it easier for guests to grab a squirt as they walk around. Even if you don’t want to be bossy when it comes to safety, this is a great way to quietly encourage your guests to practice good hygiene. You can also have disposable masks on hand for anyone who doesn’t.

Finally, enjoy it!

If you’ve taken as many precautions as possible, all that’s left is to go to the nearest Fort Collins dispensary to stock up for your first (or next) post-pandemic smoke release! Have fun enjoying an activity sorely missed by stoners around the world, albeit a bit changed from the way things were before.

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