16-year-old student, now a millionaire after opening an online business

16-year-old student inspires everyone after becoming a millionaire at such a young age, thanks to her Online business.

A student opens an online business

Irish Oloris might just be a grade 10 student, but this 16-year-old has already been able to earn her first million by balancing her time with her studies and selling beauty products online.

The young student was inspired and learned the ropes from her mother, Irene Oloris, who is a businesswoman. According to mom Irene, she takes her kids on a business trip and shows them how to run their business.

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So it’s no surprise that Irish soon became interested in starting his own business.

Being so young, Irish is not always focused on her business, but Mum Irene helps her stay on track and teaches her to change her mindset so that she can earn more.

Soon the girl was able to earn her first million!

What did she use her first winnings for? Because her mother also owns businesses and can support the family, Irish can keep the money to herself.

But she didn’t use it to buy more gadgets. Instead, she used her first million to buy property in Zambales.

Now that she already has a lot of her own, the young student continues her online business with a new goal: saving for college.

Photo credit: Unang hirit

Mom Irene is really proud of her daughter. She hopes her daughter will not only focus on making money, but also helping others.

Sana huwag niyang kakalimutan kung saan siya nagsimula, at uunahan lagi si God at ‘yung laging pagtulong sa kapwa, kasi money follows na lang eh“, said Mum Irene.

As for the Irish, she advises other young people like her to dream big and start young.

One of my favorite quotes is ‘Dreaming at a very young age’ because there are no limits to dreamssaid the teenage millionaire.

“Mas maganda na po ‘yung mag-start ka nang maliit at mag-dream ka po nang malaki, para may preparation na rin po sa future.”

Watch her story here:

What is the right age to start a business?

Many people say that it is best to start your business after you have finished college and already established your independence. Also, you cannot legally open a business if you are under the age of 18.

But with the guidance of parents who can handle the legal side of the business, there really is no minimum age.

Also, in reality, there is really no age for business – and this is proven by countless people, including the Irishwoman who made her first million at 16.

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