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Brunching guests during the summer months should be one of my favorite ways to be entertained. From experience, all it takes is a little planning, a state of mind not to think too much about the whole thing and a little sun!

This article describes my simple planning tips to make sure you have the best brunch ever. The one that’s so easy to make you’ll just want to brunch – haha!

Read on to learn more about the 5 steps to planning the perfect summer brunch.

5 steps to planning the perfect summer brunch

  1. Plan the menu a few days in advance.

Remember, this is brunch, so it doesn’t have to be a hot, cooked meal, especially in summer! My favorite advice is fresh bread and croissants. Put them in the oven to be ready 5 minutes before your guests are due to arrive. The smell of delicious fresh croissants will put your guests in the best frame of mind as soon as they walk through the door – we promise.

Here are my brunch essentials:

  • selection of breads and croissants
  • Selection of jam and salted / unsalted butter options
  • cheese board with nuts
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Greek yogurt topped with crunchy granola and berries
  • smoked salmon, capers and horseradish
  • a special homemade treat – today it’s a cherry and frangipani pie (recipe coming next Sunday)
  • freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and lots of water and bubbles.

For more exotic menu ideas, check out breakfast by Donna Hay.

For a great selection of Swiss sparkling wines, check out www.winemaker.com

2. Prepare some relaxing music and a cute, easy-care outfit.

Cold music always works to set the mood. It will also put you in a good mood while you prepare brunch.

A pretty outfit goes without saying. My favorites are the pretty flimsy dresses that can easily be tossed in the washing machine and hung to dry. A little boho number like those of a previous post do wonders!

Or for the cooler days I like my Marina Anouilh dress (photo below).

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Brunch

3. Plan your table.

A stylish yet durable tablecloth is simply a must have in every home. My current favorite is this beautiful Tekstiil Ruumis Fly tablecloth. A beautiful natural textile woven from a blend of cotton and linen. Perfect for outdoor or indoor receptions. Available online here.

I love to put candles on the table outside and always have some pretty flower and herb pots to place at the end of the table.

This year I also bought some wooden trivet – perfect for placing smaller bowls or hot pots on top.

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Brunch

4. Have a set of special outdoor ceramics close at hand.

You don’t want to use plastic and at the same time your usual indoor dishes can be a bit tricky for the occasional gust of wind that can occur outside. It is therefore good to have attractive, conformable ceramics close at hand.

I have a small selection of concrete ceramics ready for outdoor entertaining – they make every table look pretty and at the same time are heavy enough not to tip over and keep the tablecloth in place even on windy mornings.

My favorites available online here.

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Brunch

5. Decide when to go shopping, then relax

Deciding when to shop is really the last step. After that, remember to relax and take a laid back approach when entertaining yourself. Your guests will feel the vibrations. Once all of the above is planned out, you no longer need to worry – after all, the whole point of having fun at home is to have fun.

You might even want to pour yourself a small glass of wine before the guests arrive, just to get yourself in the mood – smile – just one though!

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Brunch

I wish you a lot of fun having fun this summer!

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